Monday, April 6, 2015

French Toast Recipe for Quilters :0) and New Things for Mary Lou,quilts and sunshine # Recipe # Easter Sunday

Mary Lou's Overnight French Toast Strata with Berries -Delish!

Serves lots of people   - I use a larger than 10" x 15" inch baking dish (grease with butter
one large loaf or two smaller loaves of sour dough bread. I use larger loaves and just keep filling the pan until it is pretty full up. Cut up into nice bite sized pieces. drop in pan.
      In a separate bowl, add a dozen large eggs and whip them up with
1 and 1/4 cup whole milk
3/4 cup whip cream
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup honey
1 teaspoon vanilla
make sure it is all mixed together well.
Now pour this over your bread. I always check to make sure it is really all wet and covered since this is what holds it together and makes it delish. It depends on the bread. So if it looks like it need s a little more, I miss a little egg with some more milk and add it to the part that needs more.
By the way, I cook like I sew. Out of the Box (but it's delish!)
    NOW, add these things in another clean bowl
1/2 cup flour
1 stick of BUTTER (not margarine)
1/2 cup of dark brown sugar
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
 1/4 teaspoon of allspice
Couple dashes of salt
1/2 cup chopped pecans and a 1/3 cup of whole pecans or so.
I used to mix this together with a fork but I found if I used my fingers it works much better and when you go to mix in the nuts it works well and evenly distributes them.
    Now take that and lay in in pieces all over the top of your bread.
Toss it in the refrig overnight covered with foil.
    The next day heat up the oven to 350 and stick it in for an hour.
Take it out when done and use a fork to make the topping spread evenly.  Now before you serve it take blueberries, strawberries and raspberries and serve along side with a bowl of whipping cream, maple syrup and blueberry syrup.
Everyone fixes it the way they want and there is NO leftovers. The berries are so good on there!
Not that much effort and worth every bit!

So this has been an interesting week.
Last week I went to my normal yearly mammogram. I got called back and got another mammogram and an ultrasound. So then I was told I had a lump and needed a biopsy but that the stats were with me and it was probably benign.
Then three days later I got a call and I have stage 2 and 3 cancer in my right breast. I guess this is what stress does. :0)
Really I think I am OK with this. I leave for California to teach for four guilds and then come home and teach for Asilomar and the local guild in Pacific Grove. Then home to see the surgeon and hopefully a nice May here at home close to my kids and my garden and my sewing machine. :0)
God has been good and Faithful to me so far so I know He is here holding my hand.
My cousin is dying of leukemia right now. This last year has been a doozy and I find myself wondering if I am learning the lessons God has in mind. Compassion up until now has really been in my heart. And gratitude for all of the good things I see and hear daily.
Friend if you are not thinking about the good in your life you should be. It blesses you and makes things so much easier!

Don't you think this underwear line is a hoot? And it's OUT of the BOX!
      So Easter is my favorite holiday and our family has gone to the Missions service every year with the homeless of Spokane. We love it because it is held on the river by the Mission and they have beautiful music (sunrise service), great people and two testamonies from one man and one woman who changed their lives thanks to the services by the Mission. They are the ones I give pajamas to each year.
This year there was a woman about fifyish and she told about a disfunctional family and then a disfunctional marraige where she was abused and how she drank to deal with it. Eventually her children were taken away and she drank more to deal with her divorce and guilt over her situation. Some how someone told her about the Spokane Mission and she has been in the program for a year. She has her own place now, feels love for herself, has forgiven herself and is back with her kids. She wrote a poem to God and read it and my daughter and I just cried. I wish I had a copy. It was lovely and so was she. Such hope!
Then it was the guys turn to share. He was from Texas and someone told him about the Spokane Mission. He was an alcoholic and a nurse practitioner. His marriage had broken up and he turned to alcohol too. The more her drank the mosre he lost including his job and his chance to be a nurse any longer. He somehow found his way here and he went to the Mission and now has his own place, has a new job, friends, faith, and hope. He was a neat guy.
Last years guy was from Nebraska and someone told him about the Mission and he hitch hiked here.      Mark and I have always given to the Mission as our top charity. They save so many lost people and they love them in such a beautiful way and teach them to work and give etc. It is such a honor to give to such a worthy cause. Mark always sent three kids to their camp every summer. These are children of the people who are lost and they work with the kids and make them feel special and everyone has so much fun. My husband always loved the letters they sent him as a thank you every year.
This year I will sponsor a couple kids in his name too.
     When you leave that service (everyone is chomping down on cinnamon rolls, coffee and juice, you feel so thankful that you are going home to a house of yours with family members who all love each other and friends who have the same thing. I always feel so thankful on Easter just as it should be!
      I love the sign below because it gives me hope and really just makes me happy because I believe this. Loving God is really a happy thing that often makes me giddy or just filled with thankfulness.

So if you live in Southern California I will be visiting four guilds and will be at El Camino guild, in Orange county guild,at Flying Geese guild and then at Surfside guild. To see the dates go to my website.
Speaking of my website I am getting it redone and am excited about the changes. I have to be home to enter things on there but I will be soon.
I see the surgeon in a couple of weeks and in May will have my tumor taken out and should be keen and healthy. In the meantime I have given up sugar, starches and dairy. My three favorite food groups. :0) Stay tuned. I will let you know how I am doing and how much weight comes off after my taste buds are not in shock any longer. :0/ Take care and have a wonderful April. It snowed here today. Tee hee. California here I come for some Vitamin D!
Don't you just LOVE this song. YOU girls and a few guys are my sunshine.


  1. Please know I am thinking good thoughts for you. Take care of yourself.

  2. Such a beautiful beautiful post, just like you Mary Lou ! I'm thinking of you and your in my thoughts and prayers everyday!!!

  3. Good luck MaryLou, will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

  4. You amaze me with your philosophy and trust in the lord, you are an inspiration and remind us to enjoy the little things in life and our blessings. I will be making pillows and bags for breast cancer patients and realize how fitting it is that I decided to use the laurel burch cats, that you sent me. I wanted to use something nice and something that will make them smile.


  5. You are an amazing lady. With your faith and positive outlook, all will be well. Sending prayers and good thoughts, and hugs your way. Your friend from Oswego, Illinois.

  6. Your attitude is everything in this cancer thing. I share your optimism for you. I too had a stage 3 large breast cancer tumor with 1 node positive in 1990 and I am still here today. I truly believe that when you believe that you are going to be here because God has plans for your future and we also believe that we know where we are going if He has other plans for us:o) Many good thoughts and prayers for you. Enjoy your teaching and rest up to do surgery when you return home.

  7. Mary Lou, I admire your wonderful, positive attitude so much. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Jo Anne

  8. Mary Lou, enjoy your time teaching and recharging your batteries so you will have bonus energy to recover from your upcoming surgery.

    What am over,y u to re ber your dear sweet husband Mark. Lots of love heading your way

  9. It was so nice meeting you, you are as lovely in person as you seem on your blog.
    My God's face shine upon you, may he be gracious to you : )
    My prayers are with you, your too sassy to stay down...

  10. My day used to sing that song to me when I was a little girl. Still makes me happy!
    I hope you see lots of sunshine as you go through your surgery.
    I will keep you in my prayers!

  11. Prayers are coming your way from a lot of us in NC. You bring us Sunshine with every drawing, fabric, quilt and piece of art you create so now we will send you back some sunshine and thoughts of speedy heeling.

  12. I am going to your trunk show at the El Camino guild this morning. Can't wait to see you. I am a 2 time cancer survivor and you will beat this. God loves you so much! And so do all who have crossed your path.

  13. By now you know how much you need that Vit D !! Hang in there girl.... it will pass and there are more quilts out there for all to enjoy.