Monday, June 20, 2011

Dinner at the Coeur d'Alene Hotel to end a wonderful retreat week! And thank you Australia!

Sandy from Sacramento toast huckleberry milkshakes to a fun week and lots accomplished at the retreat. This group of ladies became good friends and were lots of fun.
Shrimp and side of rice. We all drove to the Coeur d'Alene hotel for dinner and together time so we could view the lake and the wonderful hotel. The food there is wonderful.
chicken salad-it was mine and it was wonderful

Sue and Linda start their meals with a smile

Dawn starts her meal with a french fry
Sandy (Montana), Lissa and Sandy (California) enjoy their meals

Fajita anyone?
Lynette, Aija and Sue enjoy time together before everyone goes home

Sandy, Mary Lou and Wendy
Sandy (Canada), Lynette and Aija enjoy the evening
This pin cushion was supposed to be at the end but it doesn't want to go there so I will just say that Sandy Appleby had this at her machine and I thought it was adorable and a great idea-the bottom of it was a small jello mold (remember those?- and the skirt steak at the bottom was her dinner. :0) Glad I could tie those last two photos together. Haha
I just had to comment on Australia -I have had almost as many visiters from Australia this week as I have from the US- that is quite amazing and France, Germany and Spain all came in quite high for visiters- thank you so much. I am happy to know quilters from other countries are interested in story quilts and quilts and fun.

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