Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mary Lou's Retreat Begins Anew-2011 for fun, color, friendship and stories!

Flower to be included in a quilt border and flowers below-both girls and real flowers
Wendy Price teaches me how to stand for a photo....we are at Duncan Gardens in Spokane
Lunch at the Davenport hotel for the girls who arrived a day early. Delicious and the most beautiful hotel in the world (really)
Mary Lou show off her bag that Lorraine V. Made her out of her quilter's fabric...isn't it cool? She is showing it to Louie B.Davenport who used to own the Davenport Hotel before he died. :0) Louie likes the looks of it as he studies it...thank you Lorraine!
Eight people arrived early enough to enjoy a sunny day in Spokane looking at all of the sites-here 7 of the girls are in front of Duncan pretty...and the flowers too.

Eating at the Davenport is always a treat and Sandi order bagels and lox-the lox are the rose in the middle of the pretty.

Sandy with a "y" ordered the ruben which she pronouced "delicious"
Manito Park was wonderful and had so many beautiful plants, lilacs (we are the lilac city), Gorgeous colors and just wonderful smelling and looking plants!
Here we are at a wonderful Mexican restaurant and all 14 of us made it! People from all over the US and Canada, ready to start hoochy borders, flower power flowers and stories from our lives....a week of fun and friendship. We are all giddy and excited!

We had a FULL day of seeing the sites, the parks, the gift shops and of coarse buying fabric at a large quilt shop....adventure awaits and new stories too!


  1. Way cool seeing the pictures!!! Keep 'em coming!!! :~D

    I'm definitely there with y'all in spirit!!! :~D

    Hope y'all all have a truly wonderful week!!! :~D

  2. We had a great day driving around with Mary Lou and the meals were great.

    Now onto the Jacklin Arts Centre and let's get some creative ideas flowing.

    Thanks for hosting Mary Lou

  3. What a beautiful place, I really like those leaves that look like a coleus, but have a swirl, nice idea for an art quilt.