Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just a smidgy of what I do in the way of story quilts and that doesn't count the hoochy piecing or flower power fun

Since so many people are new to me and to my blog, I thought I would show a few things that I do and make the point that I am a story quilter. I teach others to do a story quilt about who they love or what they love and what matters to them. I do this because in 80 years, someone will look at what you do and what will they know about you from the quilts you make? These quilts are a diary of sorts about our lives and who and what we love. The dog above is "Betty" my Grandkids lab. I did a quilt about my Grandson and Betty needed to be in it.
Below is a figure off of my fabric that is out now by Benartex and my email address is Lattegirl so it made sense to put her in there.
Above, my Grandmother was a cowgirl in South Dakota and so it was a fun subject to do a quilt about.
I teach a workshop called Hoity Toity Houses and you piece these large houses and leave room to put people in the windows and doors and animals on ledges and it is a ton of fun.
I taught in New Mexico a couple of years ago and I ended up doing the largest quilt ever. There were so many wonderful stories there and people that were beautiful of all shades and well, it was just a fabulous place with fabulous color!

This lady is a mix of Freda Kahlo and Georgia O'Keefe. It is loaded with crystals, buttons and milagros
This lady lives in a garden of color, stratas and fun. Her dress is made up of one of my fabric lines from Benartex...I love how the fabrics look together

I love angels and I wrote a book about quilted angels in 1996.
I loved both of my Grandma's who were both very different and lovely in their own way. The quilt has a little description of my Canadian Grandma who lived with very little but made such lovely meals and  gave such wonderful hugs, I never realized she wasn't rich.
My husband working in the garden.
If you would like to learn more about Story quilts I have a book available now called "Out of the Box" that is how to's and stories and creative ideas on how to get out of the box. July 11th I have a new book coming out with a friend named Mel McFarland (a really creative and fun friend) that is called "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks." Martingale is the publisher. I teach workshops all over and you can see my schedule and other things on my website at
I am updating the store and will have my fabric on there soon as well as my new book.
    Thank you for visiting this blog.


  1. Greetings from Tunisia!
    Just happened upon your marvelous blog and love the story quilts and your textile work/play. I'm looking forward to following your adventures!
    best, nadia

  2. I am going to spend five days with you next summer. I signed up for your retreats with Two Wacky Women. My sister Robin is one of the Wackys. I am so looking forward to it!

  3. In all my 81 years, I have never seen quilts like this. What a wonderful way to preserve family history. You do amazing work. I love quilts of all kind. I several new and vintage. I use them only as a bed spread. Never sleep under them. That is such a devastating situation losing all your many pots. I did not realize they could do that. I thought all our blogging stuff was stored and secure.

  4. wonderful as usual Always bright,cheerful and brings smiles!

  5. I popped in from Blackberry Creek Home Arts after Susan wrote of your blogging disaster. I'm so sorry to learn those 6 years of posts, photos, and replies is lost. It should never have happened.

    Your imagination, use of color, and creative talent is amazing and so much fun! When are you coming to Richmond, VA?


  6. Well....I'm jus a swoonin over your story quilts. They are sooo fun to look at. I think my favorite is the one about your Canadian grandma!!!

  7. Do you have a something that you keep with the quilts, that also tell the story? That would be nice for those who have them, years from now. Lots and lots of years from now;)


  8. What a compliment that someone has not seen quilts like mine in 80+ years! Hooray.
    Please do a story about YOU to leave here like I am.
    I write books and document all of my is easier than labeling them. Someday I hope the owner's will be able to find my books! If you have a book, you can see I tell alot of things about life and the quilts.