Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quilts with Messages and color and fun and doodads

 So as many of you know I have a collection of my quilts at the LaConner Museum in LaConner Washington and I thought I would post a few photos I took of a couple of the quilts. My quilt are large and really photos don't show you all of the details, sparkles and fun in them but I do what I can do. You can at least see that I love color. :0) And not only do I love to be happy but I love to put sentiments to touch the heart into my quilts. This is what I like in my daily life-a little humor and something sweet like a memory to touch the heart.
By the way, I had to start this new blog because Google will not allow me access to my old one. I can't change , add or subtract anything from there. This blog is working so
somewhat ok (I am having a few problems) so stick with me and we'll both share and be happy. I do appreciate you and hope to get back my 222 followers. Thank you.

We receive a copy of our new book this week! I am so excited. If you would like to pre-order the book, just sent your email to me and I will contact you to go to my site to order it and you will get a chunk of Mary Lou fabric, a Mary Lou pin and the book.
Thank you so much. The photo is on the right hand column. It is filled with great things done easy hoochy style that is FUN easy piecing and great results that have brought many smiled to the friends of both Mel and I. Send you request for a reminder to


  1. I need to make larger ones, so I can add more detail to them.
    Not sure why, but I tend to make most of my things in small sizes, even when I sketch.


  2. Mary Lou, your quilts are soooooooooooooooooo beautiful in person!!! Hope to see more of them someday soon. :~D

  3. Your quilts are always amazing. And happy! I like the new blog look. And I'm looking forward to seeing the new book. I saw it in the ccatalog, and it looks really fun!

  4. I'm back!!! Good to know that you are still creating beautiful pieces of art and helping others to do the same. Now I can follow you again!!! All is GREAT!

  5. mary lou,
    This blog looks fantastic! sorry about the old one. It's hard to make these changes, when it seems perfect, but at any rate, you're here, and we're here, and they'll be more peeps coming. You are wonderfully fun, inspirational, and LOVED! Have a great day. Amen to the 'Heroes' column! I was glad Reese Witherspoon this week told 'reality stars' to put their clothes back on, and keep the naked videos of themselves under the bed! haha!