Tuesday, June 14, 2011

RETREAT day two and three...and three more to go! We are having a blast making story quilts and getting out of the box!

Lynette says "hey look I am OUT of the BOX! Not everything matches and my center isn't centered on the design! I think I've got it! Lynette owns a shop in Redding California and we are hoping we don't ruin her traditional quilt making techniques
Lissa not only looks royal but like she is having retreat fun! Isn't she pretty in her tiara?
Sewing and thinking, planning and sewing, more planning and thinking and sewing...and then we eat! and start all over....Lisa thinks and Sue smiles (nice smile Sue!)
Sandy from Bozeman salutes to a fun time, getting out of the box and story quilts about WSU cougars! Her theme for her quilt.
Dawn enjoys the crunch of the salad, warm weather and new friends!
Sandy and Wendy toast a job and day well done! Aija enjoys their fun!
Here we have the beginnings of an adorable and exciting quilt! Right Sandi?
Val explains to Heather why things are always better made BIGGER and how "if you always do what you have always done, you always get what you always got." Val is getting an A in the class this week.
Color starts to creep into the classroom.....
Here Laurie cooks behind the cake plate girl who is always our mascot for the retreats. Today she has hot fudge mix and cherries on the top of her head.
Here our cook or should I say CHEF serves up hot rolls with a chicken caesar salad. Laurie Latta from the San Juans knows how to cook for a crowd of hungry quilters....We all so appreciate her for her cooking and her kindness and fun.
You weren't part of the bird swap on Yahoogroups.com? See what you missed! Aren't they cute? Now you will have to wait for Mary Lou's book or buy Flower Power to at least get started.
Sandy eats salad and discusses why Canadian cheese is better than US cheese-she didn't really say that, Mary Lou did and Sandy nodded her head. :0) Their sausage and brown sugar is better too.
Heather cuts Mary Lou fabrics for students-Heather owns a shop in Idaho and she is so pleasant that everyone agrees if they lived closer they would shop there all of the time! She is pretty too.
Mary Lou's fabrics a hit with everyone
Dawn's border starts to take shape!
Linette worships the sun as others chat....
Val and Sandy enjoying sunshine and a lovely meal
Val enjoys her hot fudge sundae and we enjoy Val! Very fun girl!
Wendy dishes up chicken ceasar salad, noodle salad and hot bread sticks for lunch-dinner was flank steak, awesome salad, fabulous hot bread and hot fudge sundaes for dessert (lots of toppings)-Lauries food has been delicious!
Adja's finished quilt borders below-just wait until you see her story start to progress!
Here Aija puts her border blocks onto her center...I asked her if she realized the flower pot was upside down....just teasing her. It is a beautiful color combination and today she blew up the picture we drew of her Grandson holding her Granddaughter's hand, dacing and the two of them between Palm trees-it is adorable!
Real tiaras make for alot of fun and tell each person at the treat "YOU are a special person"...and they are! We are having so much fun for so many reasons! GREAT group and everyone has said so many nice things about the week. Three more days to go!
While people worked on blocks, Linda made a block that is lips and she is going to embroider a line down the middle once the quilt is put together. Darling and original too!
Linda who on day three pronounced herself "out of the Box" and her blocks show what lovely things her "artist" has done. Lovely and fun too!


  1. what a wonderful time y'all are having!!! lucky, lucky, lucky ladies!!! :~D

  2. great photos and great fun wish you were here with us all.

    Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

  3. All that food is making me hungry, lol.
    Love seeing the retreat photos and sharing your time with the girls.


  4. OH how I wish I was there! Say a special hello to my friend Laurie. The food looks wonderful! To be able to sew uninterrupted for 5 days! HEAVEN!