Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Blog for Mary Lou-Guess Why-I went from 222 followers to 6-thanks Google.....

Above my Cowgirl Grandma (above my hippie girl) is decked out in the bright colors she loved! Her favorite color was purple and she loved jewelry and color!
Betty the Dog-here are some images from my quilts that you might enjoy.
If you could help me let people know my blog has moved to this address I would be so appreciative...I would do it for you. Honest.
The ladies here are in the windows of my quilting retirement home quilt!

Well, my old blog took away my ability to load the column on the right with the jokes and photos I always put on there. I think it is because they want me to "update" since I have been doing this since 2006 and haven't changed a thing.
Well, I went in to see what I had for choices and low and behold I found CHEDDAR and SWIRLS and fun! WOW. I am so happy with looking at Cheddar everytime I update, that I almost am not unhappy any longer. Almost.
I am leaving my old blog like it is so that my history will be there and I am going to ask my followers to come here. I wonder how long it will take to get people to switch. Probably not the best time with a new bookm due out in July.
But I have lots of sewing things on the horizon and my retreat is this coming week with photos due and new recipes and new friends and new ideas and of coarse my old friends who are MOST important to me. Peggy Kent, thank you for your lovely hospitality. I think of your home daily and what a lovely person you are.
Ditto goes for my friends who I just saw in West Virginia, Michigan and Western Washington. I consider myself so lucky to know such nice people. Honestly.
I have some bags that I got from friends to show you, birds from my online chatroom bird swap, and a banner my friend Sandy did (from Jamul) that says "Mary Lou" in very funky and fun letters.
Please do keep checking back on this blog as I cross over from Mary Lou and Cherries too to MaryLouandwhimsytoo.
NOTE- if you have a link to my site please please change it to this
I of coarse will be adding links to this site and if you were not on my other blog, let me know to add you here!
I always like to say if you need a little smile and pick me up before bed, when you get up or after a lusy day, come in and get a smile and some nice color and images to perk you up. Life is a blessing and we are blessed to be a blessing. I hope to bless you when you come and visit. Thanks so much, please become a follower, as I would LOVE that.


  1. Love your new blog, Mary Lou! Remember that things happen for a reason. Hey, you found cheddar, didn't you! ;-) LOL

    Honestly and truly, I so look forward to seeing what joy and "fabulousness" you've posted every day! When you're out of town and we don't hear from you for a few days, it always seems like something is missing in my day!

    Thanks a bunch for spreading so much happiness and creativity, dear friend! You're the absolute BEST!!! :~D

  2. Congrats on the new blog Mary Lou, I tried to post a comment before and I got caught in a loop. Hopefully this time will stick.

    Looking forward to coming to the retreat and getting my birds from you.

    Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

  3. i have retreat envy. :-)

  4. Now you have 8! I wouldn't miss following your blog for the world. Loved the old one and now glad to see you have Cheddar! You are linked up on my blog too. So hopefully that will spread the word.

  5. Love the new blog! I'm exciting to continue following and one of these times I will come to a retreat!!

  6. This new blog is much nicer! I have you all 'bookmarked' and will be following regularly. No worries.....change is good! Where in Cal. will the wacky womens retreat be? I think they are located close by where I live. Whoo! Hoo! Love the cheddar! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face and spreading so much joy! Donna Vila

  7. I love the cheddar and swirls on the new blog! Hopefully, this one will continue to work for you. It's such fun to see pictures of your quilts and get inspiration! Have a wonderful retreat - wish it weren't so far away, and I could come, too.

  8. Love the cheddar in your new blog. Guess we all need to update once in a while. Great Blog! Will be calling to see if you can teach at an AQS show in 2012.

  9. LOVE love love the cheddar and the dog and everything! I tried to click on follow but it would not let me.????
    Anyway ML you are just FABULOUS!!!! Love, Reena SD CA

  10. I love the new Blog, loved the old one also, one day i went back and read it forever. Some of the pictures didn't show up, but i read everything. You would have to have Cheddar, i am beginning to use it more and more. I think i have been brainwashed...Mary in MI

  11. Your list of followers is steadily rising Mary Lou. Love all the pictures of the quilts. Great inspiration! Regards, Nessie

  12. Marylou...don't know if this will work or not, but I read somewhere that if you followers list disappears or shrinks, try adding your own blog to your list as a follower. Several people claimed it 'fixed' their followers list. Worth a try! I did some fixing of my own of a different nature and my entire followers list went away for over a week and then it magically came back. So, pray as you add your own blog to your followers list ;)