Tuesday, August 16, 2011

cinnamon rolls- we are at Whidby Island sewing with the cupcakes -my gal pals that I sew with-we have been meeting for twelve wonderful years! I love my gal pals like sisters...so nice to make friends over quilting...and eating. See some of the things from this week so far....
Berry Cobbler....wonderful stuff for dessert after crab cakes and wonderful salad
In the jars in the bckground are candy bars, toffee, pretzel snack mix,cookie in the front....well, you get the picture! NOW, look at the plate Susan brought.....
So, there are two other sayings that are fun and my photos didn't turn out so well....
" For the love of god please stop eating like this"
"do you really need that last helping???"
    I don't know about you but I want to get a set f these plates!
 If you don't belong to the Yahoogroups for block swaps you should! The new block swap for FALL IS STARTING  UP, And the fish photos are fabulous! For a linkg see the fish side bars.
     GREAT NEWS! My old blog is back in Business!
Mary Lou and Cherries Too. That blog will be centering on color and story quilts and fun (see the chickens) and this blog will be color and easy piecing and fun. Different and both good....at least I think so....Thanks for visiting!  More on the retreat tomorrow......


  1. I am so happy you were able to recover your old blog. Yay!
    Love the plates.

  2. Love the sayings, and of course the food!! Have a lot of fun.

  3. The foods at the retreat look way too yummy, I would be in trouble;)


  4. yum! love all of those goodies! think i'd need a plate that said the opposite things! :-P

    have fun!

  5. Two wonderful blogs! O happy day! Donna

  6. I just found your blog....I love the flower power and I love the sayings on the plates, where did you find them?