Monday, August 1, 2011

Long Beach quilt show offers Mary Lou alot of Ideas, Smiles and temptations for more paint, fabric and beads....

One never knows what can happen when you go to California for classes, sewing, quilt shows and friends! The wonderful quilt above has great color and shape appeal. Thought I would share some great quilts with you and ideas.
One of the quilts at the Long Beach show was a crooked Eiffel Tower. Now most people know how much I love Paris and France and I thought this quilt was wonderful and very inventive.
Speaking of inventive, I ran into my good friend Mary from San Diego who is an awesoem artist and shows her taste with her socks...aren't they great? Mary does alot of discharge dyeing and teaches workshops. We have been friends for many years since the beginning of her teaching journey...she is a great artist.
Here are my darling friends behind a great tree idea for your house...or a school play or classroom or somewhere that needs some whimsy and fun. Sue is hiding on the left and De and Tina are showing their stuff on the right....
I love Cindy who does these shows and sells fabrics and often the fabrics I design. When my Granddaughter had 2/3 of her large intestine removed and was 1 year old, Cindy made two darling dresses and sent those and some little socks for her. I will never ever forget her great kindess to me. She is an awesome person and if you see her at a show, please buy from her. She only sells at shows
De, Mary Lou, Tina and Sue get ready to leave the show and go and sew some of the fabrics we bought. We managed to get three cows from my new book almost done and more to come. I am hoping to do a show at Road to California and possibly some other shows of the cows. They are awesome and we are making up cow names like "cowabunga", "Bossy Cow", "Cowmen Miranda", "Moo sho beef", "moo'ey Bueno", Red white and Moo", Moo Lala, Moo'Lon Rouge" etc.
The cow pattern from "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks" goes together quickly and you won't believe how cool it is when it is done. I did "PsyMOOdelic" this week and it is really fun. Mel did "Holy Cow." If you do a cow, you will LOVE it I promise. We have been having so much fun!
Tina who is as cute from the back as the front!
I loved this quilt!
This quilt above was made of all yoyo's incredible!
Above is my friend Mary who had the great socks-she is awesome-note her blouse which she stenciled.... Not a good photo of either of us-oh well
I love any container quilt and am going to start teaching this workshop again
Do you know why I love this quilt? Look at how the corner match! Great color and out of the box too! Excellent in many ways- great quilting
I wrote a book on angels and people are still looking to buy it as it is out of print. I am still doing angels and this wing just was so great. It is an eagle wing but really I think it is an angel wing....don't you?
I do not know the name of the artist who did this quilt but I always look for her things-she is from Denmark and she is inventive, great color and people in her quilts-always a story....I love any quilt with a story
Sue,Tina and De- Tina and I have the giggles over something
I loved these flowers and plan to make lots of them in my next quilt! COLOR and FUN- wanna make this out of my plaids that I designed!
I do lots of strip piecing and the more I do, the more I love it....look at this awesome quilt! Very original and textural and colorful! Great Job!
So, I got to see alot of art as I always do in LA. We went to many places and shopped and I bought some art books and some paints and new brushes and things to work with for ideas. I have the painting bug fun! Hope you are having a great summer and inventing and stretching and getting OUT OF THE BOX!


  1. Oh wow! Oh my! Thanks for sharing!

    That first photo took my breath away with its exuberant colour!

  2. super cool quilts! so glad you got to spend some fun time with special friends!

    really looking forward to seeing your cows!

    Moo, Y'all! ;-)

  3. Great pictures Mary Lou, love the Lopez Island Farmer's Market picture. Is it a sign or a quilt or both?

    The wing is lovely, wish I could have come down and enjoyed the show.

    Love your cow themed quilts, can't wait to see the new book.

  4. Hooly Mooly! Lots of inspiration once again!! I love the way that first quilt seemingly radiates out from the center--understanding how to do this would be an amazing skill to utilize.

    I have a question about retreats--when and where are you going to do one with flowers and traditional quilt patterns with a new twist? I need to save up $$ and my schedule changes every semester. one of these times, though, it's going to happen!

  5. Oh, Thank you for these pictures! I loved your tour of the Long Beach Quilt Show with De, Sue and Tina. Wish I could have been there, too!

  6. Personally...I LOVE that green jacket! Did you find that here in L.A.? I think I want one or want to make one..........

  7. What a wonderful show and so many creative art pieces.


  8. Thanks so much for sharing! The artist from Denmark that you like is Bodil Gardner. I once emailed her to see if she would teach in the states, but she said she is too old to travel so far. Ah well, I love all of her quilts too! Glad you had such a good time with so many happy and creative ladies!

  9. It was great seeing you at the show. I can't wait until next years retreat, it's going to be great fun.

  10. Mary Lou thanks for sharing the pics from the show!!! Lots of inspiration as always! This week I will get back to work on my story quilt. My 5 days in Albuquerque inspired a new story. My 2 youngest grandchildren and their awesome Uncle Kraig flying kites. It will be a shower curtain for their bathroom, I got the shower curtain from a comment on your blog. Many thanks to whoever had the original idea!!!
    Happy Quilting!

  11. What a colorful selection of quilts! Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hi Mary Lou! Thank you for a very enjoyable tour of the quilt show! The Danish woman is Bodil Gardner, an amazing artist and lady. I got to finally meet her and her husband when she taught a Creative Princesses workshop at our retreat here in Stavanger back in 2008. You can see the pictures on her website

  13. Hi Mary Lou, I'm one of your new Followers. I used to follow you when I had my old blog Cootie Bug but I've deleted that blog and have a new one. I see you're still quilting away with all the beautiful color quilts! Love em!
    Have a great weekend.