Friday, August 12, 2011

Wanna Take an Incredibly FUN Class? Here it is! Flowers that Are Out of the Box and FUN!

Flower Power is a bit of everything as you can tell when you look at my old blog, my website and this blog....we do flowers, bees butterflies, leaves of all kinds, a frog, ladybugs and loads of other fun things...Flowers run the gambit of bight and happy and fun and of Coarse out of the box! Wanna stretch and do something different that is loads of fun? Take this workshop!
I am teaching Out of the Box "Flower Power" quilts many places coming up and some people have asked me to mail them samples which I do not do that this stage of my teaching. I have done so many books and I figure you can buy the Flower Power book OR look here at my blog or at my old blog or on my website
So to make some people happy (which I try to do, I am posting some photos here to show you the idea. Flower Power is an excellent class for getting you to Stretch "outside the Box" and bring your inner artist out to play. It is amazing how big students smile when they see what they can do and how they discover how creative they are and they didn't know it! I love this workshop!
The quilt above was the first time I encouraged my students to please each do a block. Diane Morrison who is on the left had been diagnosed with Aplastic anemia and so the class all made a block for her and here is the quilt and here is the book that came out of the flowers done hoochy style. That was five or six years ago. Very fun and Diane loves the quilt. We all do.
There are many incredible flower quilts done in my workshops and I don't have them in my files...look around on my sites and I am sure you can find them. What is more fun than flowers and things in your flower garden for a quilt subject? Not much. :0)


  1. These are all wonderful! It's a leap of faith!

  2. Flowers are just fun to applique, so many possibilities with all the fun prints we have now. I am slow going these days, but can't wait till I feel better and can get back to more machine quilting.


  3. Oh, Mary Lou - These flowers are fabulous!! Do you ever get down to St. George, UT?? :-)) Kris

  4. Hoochy flowers are so fun! Mary Lou's workshops are the absolute best!!! :~D

  5. Oh Wow! I so have to make a flower quilt! These flowers are do wonderful and alive!