Thursday, August 18, 2011

Face Quilts...try one they are fun and creative

Thought I would post this photo of the cupcakes who I am with. This quilt is n the new book along with instructions on making faces...easy and FUN. Everyone in my grooup made themselves except Eilene who made her husband Joe. So we called this quilt "four cupcakes and a cup of Joe."
Pretty fun stuff...think about your family or girlfriends....wouldn't this be fun?
I am continuing more cow quilts to show at arket...I am addicted to these fun and wonderful quilts!
Hope you are enjoying this last bit of summer.


  1. I bought your new book ~ I'm so excited to make the cow quilt ~ although I could make a face quilt with my 5 granddaughters ~ how fun would that be! Thank You for such a cute and fun book!

  2. The best title...ever! And from the sounds of fabulous group, as well! Love every single thing you do, Mary Lou.

    Loved giving away a copy of your book, love, love, love my own copy and love the heart filled blogs, plural. Oh hey!

    My blog link has disappeared from your blog least on this new one..I am a domain now it's now
    Hugs for all you share with us :)