Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIN,WIN,WIN- Such Designs! A New Quilt Pattern Company with Pazazz!

So me and my posse where walking around (girlfriends) at Long Beach and we came to this darling booth with a darling girl and an older darling assistant. They had this quilt of houses on the wall and they were so pretty. They also had an amazing kit for jewelry made of t-shirts. I wanted the necklace which had NO kit. So after we got back to LA area, we went to the goodwill and bought about 18 t-shirts in different colors and followed the directions and I left town and everything with Sue. How exciting. I think I will get to try all of this out at the Quilt Chicks of Tahoe in October. A group of past students that formed an Out of the Box type group to inspire one another! Fun.
ANYWAY, this lovely designer gave me two patterns for giveaway's on this blog. I leave town Sunday so comment on something fun you would like to do that is "OUT of the Box" and I will have Mark pull a number. Can't wait to hear what you have to say. These patterns are adorable and exciting!
For me I always remember the Bible verse in Genesis that says we are blessed to be a blessing. Many of my quilter blog friends and others have passed along the word about my company and me and my workshops and I want to do the favor right back. This girl was very upbeat and nice! Nice goes a long ways for me.
Who wouldn't love a set of these pillows all over the house? I would!Such Designs is the name of the company. Love that too! Below is the darling booth that drew us in

Below is the necklace that cost me some cash at the "GoodWill" for many multiple colored t-shirts. Hope we do get around to making the necklaces because we ALL bought this darling pattern...and you know how I love my colored jewelry....gotta have fun, whisy and color!


  1. I love house patterns!
    My husband has recently had a health scare so he's going to retire early and we hope to travel to New Zealand

  2. gosh... I was there.. but I missed her!! prob. because Steve was with me... :0) very cute patterns!!!

  3. LOVE these and follow her blog! very talented gal. thanks for this chance to win!

  4. I love wonky, always seems the way my pieces go;)
    Love those outfits on the girls, too funny and too cute.


  5. I also love house blocks!

    I would love to have a go sailing on the Leeuwin which is a rigged sailing ship - they do day trips out of Perth.

  6. Who doesn't love houses! Mary Lou, you amaze me - you are such a doll. I hope I get to take a class with you some day, I would love to meet you in person and give you a great big hug!

  7. Great patterns Mary Lou, the bright colours in the houses are wonderful. The t-shirt jewelery looks funky and fun.

    I'd love to try the techique and see what I could create.

    Thanks for introducing us to her.

  8. What great houses - love houses~ The necklace is fantastic - think I can make one with some of my old t-shirts instead of donating! Love reading and seeing all the great things you post in your blog - Your are unique Mary Lou!

  9. The houses on the pillows and quilt are so cute. I can see why you were drawn to the booth. The t-shirt jewelry in so fun, just like you!! I think I would like to try making the jewelry too. It would get people's attention becasue it is so unique!!

  10. These houses are too darn cute. I want a wall hanging and I think in all that green grass out front should be a couple of purple cows grazing. Purple cows from Purple Town.

  11. An out of the box thing I'd like to do is an unplanned vacation roadtrip. Point the car in the general direction and just drive and stop along the way to poke around in various seaside or mountain towns and stay wherever you are when you get tired. Oh..the things you could see! Those patterns look enticing! Thanks for a chance to win...

    Here's another great pattern for a T-shirt necklace!!!!

  13. Love those houses, and I want to learn how to make that necklace

  14. Those houses are adorable, I can already see some of them in my next story quilt. Out of the box, hmmmmm..... Monday morning I will get out of bed, go to the mirror and say "you can do whatever you want today" :)

  15. edie in connecticutAugust 11, 2011 at 7:00 PM

    the houses are wonderful.. and perhaps one could be an out of the box barn with a cow in it..

  16. Mary Lou! My life is OUT OF THE BOX! hehehe! I am experiencing a Godwink as I read this post tonight because I just posted pics of my current project, "BLESSED!" Here is to blessings and being blessed! Love, Em

  17. those houses and the fun, funky t-shirt necklace are awesome! i can hear them calling my name! :~D

    oh, edie, great idea to "build" a wonky barn! i'll definitely have to make one to go with my future contented cows. ;-)

  18. Love the houses. Out of the box moment - learn to play the drums!

  19. my whole life is out of the box right youngest is moving into her own apartment today!!! i love these houses ...very inspired by them...thanks for the chance..fingers crossed!! xoxo Pam

  20. Out of The Box patterns are so darn cute! The house are really cute. But that purple cow so fabulous! I have to make that one for my sister who lives in Arkansas ~ so fitting, don't you think?
    Thank You for the give away!

  21. For anyone wishing to buy the pattern to make the t-shirt necklace, here is the information I received from Carrie, the designer for SUCH Designs, on how to purchase her kits/patterns:

    "Thanks for your interest in my patterns. Sorry my "shop" isn't up and running yet!
    That was so, so nice of Mary Lou to feature me on her blog.
    I am working on it. There just absolutely aren't enough hours in the days these days.

    Click on my blog

    and on the sidebar is a link to my etsy shop.

    I will also put the link here.

    You can buy all of my patterns there.

    The Twist-it! T-Shirt Yarn kit comes in "hairwear" and "jewelry." if you want to make the necklace (or something like it)
    buy the "jewelry" kit and follow the directions for the bracelet, but make your braid longer and add lots of random flowers to each strand.

    Thank you so much! Have fun with the T-shirts. I would love feedback on the pattern- let me know how you enjoyed it or if anything was confusing, etc. It should be really easy.

    Carrie Bloomston"