Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MORE from Long Beach...great inspiration and fun viewers there

I adored this wonderful wedding ring quilt and would love to show it off in my own bedroom! Look at the quilting in this, isn't it wonderful? Color and quilting make for great quilts....and of coarse choosing the right fabrics...like Mary Lou's light givers!
Had to post another photo os this beautiful colorful floral. I don't use many solids but this is marvelous with the fabrics she used. I love tone on tones and maybe there are a few of those in there for light! Wonderful job!

I adore hearts and  buttons on hearts only make them better!

The following below is a write up about a quilt made in my class by Debbie who wears incredible blouses and is alot of fun. I love the owl quilt and think the colors she used are excellent. She lives in San Diego and is great with color ideas and fabrics!
When you look at the quilt above and read the description you realize this is a tooth fairy. She has dental mirrors for a halo, dentist pics on her dress top, a quarter in a box, and all kinds of other stuff-it said something about the quilt fairy not liking cheap people, haha. LOTS of embellishments and interesting textiles too-Pam Allen did this quilt and I love her creativity
I think Tina is saying that her dogs are barkin'! We went to California Pizza Kitchen and then to the hotel room. All four of us were spent! And spent out from fabric purchases.
I almost forgot to add this lovely photo. The lady in the orange(ish) top is from Australia and had a lovely accent. We met her at the hotel and gave her a lift to the show. Australians are always so nice and so much fun (great sense of humor those ladies like the New Zealand ladies). This quilter was fun and had visited Disneyland (close to the show) for three days and was leaving for Amish country when she is done in California...isn't that awesome? Going to the States for quilt meccas...as it should be
NOTE_ the jackets were purchased from a booth there , a lady from Florida made them and we snapped them up...I bought three to have for the road


  1. Once again - YOU DID IT - you took my breath away, with the quilts from the show!!! Thank you for sharing with your readers!!!

  2. Love the green, blue and brown batik jackets. Did they get them from Bali?

    Looks like a lovely show, will have to plan on coming down and going to it one year.

  3. What wonderful quilts. Love the jackets the ladies were wearing in ther last picture. They are great. I like buttons too. They are fun to put on quilts.

  4. More wonderful quilts to admire and be inspired by! thank you.

  5. I just love seeing the quilts, makes me want to quilt all day and night so I can make more, lol. I did a little sewing today, hands still hurt, but getting a little better.


  6. love the fabulous quilts and the happy smiles! :~D

  7. Mary Lou, you have changed so many of our quilting worlds and i LOVE LVOE LOVE LOVE you!!!!! thank you for you and your zing, zest and how you make my heart sing. You are such a sweetie for putting my cow on the sidebar, love to you and tomorrow Miss Cow gets some Roxy action with fmq! Love, Em

  8. Yummy jackets...can you share the name of the place that sells them! Thanks for sharing the photos. It looks like it was a great show!

  9. Thanks for bringing a bit of the show to us. I love, love, love that flower one (second picture) So yummy.
    Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

  10. Do you have any other photos of that incredible wedding ring quilt?!?!?!? I would LOVE to see more of it!