Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cow Parade and Road to California-I was blown away with the beautiful quilts this year!

I had to start this off with Sue Cresse's Cowman Miranda cow-Sue was in a bad accident in Sept and could not attend Road-she would have loved all of the attention her cow got at the "Cow Parade."

Above is Tina Neppl with her darling cow...very inventive and colorful
I could hardly believe this is a quilt-wonderful!
Sandy Fisher's MOOlon Rouge" is covered in big beautiful crystals...it is fabulous to see in person and so many people "ooh's and aahed"! Very fun
The quilt above is called "All that jazz!"
This quilt got more comments than any other I think....do you know who this is? Of coarse!
The quilt above was a group quilt and it was so great...very imaginative and creative!
The quilt above was my most favorite because it wasn't a photo and looked like it-awesome work!
Wow, how many years do you think this took????Overwhelmingly beautiful

Kathy Collins cow had such good design beginning with blocks from the "Hoochy Mama" book and then adding carrots on the udders and the value is great and the theme and well, Kathy has the "touch"
Hope you got to see the "Cow Parade" show at Road to California-if not stay tuned the show with all new cows and some of the old ones will be showing at various quilt shows-wanna make a cow? It is in the "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks" book. Buy it from Mary Lou and get a free chicken pattern, a fat quarter and a cow pin.
AND check out my other blog to see ALL of the wonderful cows!
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  1. What amazing quilts, both in art forms and fun. I like all types of quilting, but love appliqu├ęs and picture quilts.


  2. Now we know where veggie burgers come from!

  3. Great pictures once again Mary Lou, love the cows, have to get mine finished and show it to you.

    I think I saw an article about the Santa quilt and I seem to recall she did it in memory of her husband.

    Must be amazing to see in person.

  4. Fabulous quilts - all of them! The cows are so entertaining and funny!