Thursday, January 12, 2012

Springboards for Inventing New Artwork with Images-Look At These!

How many times did you use the "Airplane" to get your kids to eat? I did ALOT!

Someone sent me this darling quilt photo and I think it is a good story quilt! I'd give it a prize if I knew who to send it to. Love it!

The quilt above was made by Karen Grabowski at my retreat in Post Falls. This was the beginning of the quilt. I love Flower Power Flowers  and have been using them as a beginning for some of my story quilts. Look at the color in this! If you aren't using color in your stash, you are missing out.
The photo below is something from my files...I love sunflowers and anything that looks like Mexico-color and pretty images- I loved this for a springboard for another quilt.....
There was a time I could have really related to this, how about you?

I don't know if this is paper, paint or a quilt above. I had this in my photo file and I think it is awesome. Love the colors and the play of lights and darks. Don't you?

I ran into a photo of these cupcake papers online and I wish I had kept the source but as an aside, please look at the background of red and how lovely these colors look on it. Beautiful and kind of a waste that you wouldn't see this when eating a cupcake!

As many of you know, I have a real thing about loving bottle trees. I saw this in New Mexico and think that maybe it is too much for my yard but hey it is cool somewhere else that has alot of space! Love those bottles!

So ,y friend Susan Typpi who many of you know sent me this dog picture that her husband gave to her for Christmas. Isn't this artist great? So many inspirational ideas off of this one picture. Do you have a favorite dog you want to tell the world about? How about being whimsical and inventive?
If you belong to a guild, I am starting to teach "Freehand Cutting" in quilts where you freehand cut things and don't draw them and then add and add and add and delight yourself because your artist has come out to play! Fun and easier than you think. You might surprise yourself with just how good your inner artist is!
This is not my drawing above but it could be a self portrait if I ever rode a bike....which I should and I wouldn't look like this.

Above is one of my Mary Lou Hearts....I love doing these and how you can have so much fun with pattern, size and color! Just in time for Valentines Day! Who says hearts have to be red or pink?
And finally, I have to show a photo of my three Granddaughters. The oldest one is on a hockey team with one other girl and all the rest boys-they are called "the killer bees". She is really quite feminine and the skinniest little girl you have ever seen without that outfit and all of the padding...she is the best skater on the team. :0) She plays with her brother and boy cousin and her dream is to be the first girl in the NHL. A dream that thankfully she won't be able to make. The other two girls like soccer and art. I don't think they will go the hockey route. Phew.


  1. You always have such interesting things over here. So much inspiration. Your freehand cutting sounds really interesting. And cute girls! You must be really proud.

  2. Lots of great ideas for inspiration. I always like a touch of whimsey in my pieces, need to get that back into my work again.