Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Color things and my latest story quilt in the works (thank you Timeless Treasures!)

So I spent part of last night when I couldn't sleep looking at dishes (one of my all time favorite things) and I found this pretty Scottish tea cup-LOVE an idea of a kitchen full of these! And wallpaper in a kids room too!
If you don't belong to my chatroom on yahoogroups (Marylouweidman) then you missed the wonderful ornament swap to make a Christmas tree with once you get the blocks you swapped-WONDERFUL stuff and everyone will have a great tree next year. I am going to design a new ornament swap for next year for this summer. To meet nice girls from all over, come and join the fun and the friendships.
I was looking at the piece above and thinking how much some black and white fabric can make the difference in something good and something fabulous- I love this!
     I got a box of fabrics from Timeless treasures to work with and I bought some more and I decided that I wanted to do a story about my daughter when she was five and her girlfriend and their lemonade stand. It was fun seeing the two of them so excited over $4.30. They are still great friends today. I am putting another border around the outside and getting it quilted and adding eyes for the animals (buttons) and other fun details. I have changed the faces to be smaller since I took this photo.
 Owls are my new favorite thing....stay tuned for lots of story quilts with owls of all kinds in them.
I adore quail too so I added a little one in front of the cat I did. Can't wait for this to be quilted! I want it for classes this year when I see you!


  1. I got some gingerbread ornaments, so now I have to make something to use them on.


  2. Love your new story quilt! It gave me warm fuzzies just looking at it.

  3. Thank you for so much prettiness to start a Monday morning! Love the new story quilt - how cute is that quail!?!? Never realized how cute they could be - thanks for more and more inspiration!

  4. Your lemonade stand makes me smile, I'm a big fan of black and white especially polka dots.

  5. Tove the little girl next door... has a lemonade stand occasionally... a whole party.. mom hangs out too part of the time.... neighbors stop in their cars to buy a cup... very cute. :0)