Monday, January 23, 2012

Feeling Blue? LOOK at this post, it is happy and fun!

Isn't this the most darling photo? If you are having a bad day this surely will make you smile knowing that MAMA OTTER is showing off her little baby. I loved this!
I put this drink more water reminder to help you out since it is the beginning of the year and we all want to be healthier....don't we?
I do not know who this artist is but I do know that this was painted a long time ago and the artist is from Finland. But anyway, as we do story quilts and fun quilts, I often pick Grandma's or old ladies for my subjects....isn't this fun? Hope you are inspired and your artist comes out to create and have fun!
Speaking of fun, I have NO idea who took this photo but it was on the internet and it makes me really laugh....darling and inspiring too! Quack quack.....
Stay tuned for photos from Road to California where we had a COW show....very fun to listen to all of the laughs and lovely comments.....


  1. That is so cute, animals make great subjects in quilts.


  2. I love that painting of the two Grandmas under the table - it really made me chuckle!

    I had my first needle-turn appliqué lesson yesterday - I'll soon be able to make my first story block! I also joined your newsletter and chat room today!

  3. Ahhhh, love the photos; you've started my day with a big smile :)

  4. I believe the Finnish artist is Inge Look. I did a search and found the following website with her pictures. The one you shared with us today is among them. They made me smile - thank you for sharing!