Monday, March 5, 2012

Nagela's Mother Does it AGAIN! Amazing and FUN!

I talked about my friend Nagela in Brazil and her adorable and beautiful and talented Mother who she calls "Mommy." So sweet. These two ladies too my Crazy Cat Class and went back to their room on the ship we were on (Panama Cruise) and they hand pieced a cat quilt.
This week I got this wonderful photo of a new cat quilt that is machine pieced and it is beautiful. whimsical and happy! Who doesn't love being happy and making happy things? Any child in the world would get this adorable quilt! It is fun to know that brazilian quilters love whimsy too!


  1. Love the fun cats and they did a beautiful job.


  2. That cat quilt is so cute! It reminds me of the puzzle blocks in three rows where the first row has different eyes, second row noses and third row mouths and we mixed and matched with them. Very very fun quilt!

  3. hehehe you gotta look at this and just grin stupidly! Fabulous!!