Thursday, March 22, 2012

Story Quilts 101 for two new friends.....

So today I talked to a couple of people who were asking me about story quilts and they both claim they read my posts on both of my blogs and they said I don't show what a story quilt is. So, I told them if they visited here I would post a few I find quickly in my files done by people other than myself. I told them they can see some of my stuff on my website OR buy my books (haha).
I am not commenting ...well I guess I am but I do not think they are regular readers of my you? So, Frankie and June, here are some story quilts from people who are in my files. I just grabbed what I saw quickly....if your quilt is not here please do not take it personally. :0)
And if your story quilt is not done, get it done and I will feature you here. :0)


  1. Wow what a talented lot of quilters. They are all fabulous.

  2. Hmmm, I read your blog and I do know what a story quilt is, with all of the pieces you have shown;)


  3. So looking forward to your coming to California in April to Quilters by the Sea and again in August to teach Story Quilts with the Two Wacky Women Quilt Retreat. Got mine ready to go!

  4. You have VERY talented students, so you must be a GREAT teacher. Can't wait until I get to take your workshop in April in WV!

  5. I just have to commment here that I am very excited that there are all new story quilters coming to my classes...19 in West Virginia, Wacky Women has a great group and my own story quilt class plus one in Madeline Island this Fall. Each photo you see here will have a lasting story that goes into the future and tells something about the people who made the quilt-note: not all of these quilts were completed in the photos. Sharon I will be seeing YOU and Robin and Marilyn for story telling and new ideas for great quilts!