Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Going to Paducah? You can purchase this quilt!

Before you read this, please read this note I just got from the maker of this awesome quilt!
You know how you feel about the way people pronounce your last name? I feel that way about the many ways people spell my last name. I just looked at your blog, and there is a huge TYPO of my last name. It is KOLF. ;) winking " So now here is what I said earlier! I am sorry Carol.....
I have never put the same thing on both of my blogs ever. But I decided this was so cool I would show it to both groups. I cannot get it to load straight up on this blog however. Nuts! Carol who made this quilt took a flower power quilt class from me and just ran with it. Now it will be shown at Paducah and for sale. I think it is terrific and hope it inspires you to make your own Flower power quilt, buy the book, take a class and just have fun with flowers...and bees and butterflies and fun things!
     ALSO on another topic, you can see Linda on the side here with her tiara. I wanted to tell you girls who are coming for the Mary Lou Idaho retreat that I have ordered real tiaras for us and hope that some of you might join me in wearing it to the Farm Chicks show if you come in the day before. Stay tuned, I have photos of both the Farm Chicks show and my other retreats. So fun.


  1. We have a local show in April, so I will go to that and I would like to go to the MQX show in the city. I would like to see what they have for machine quilting and things I can do in the future.