Thursday, March 15, 2012

MARY LOU'S RETREAT-Come and Join us for a whole lotta fun!

Laura Webb who comes to story quilt workshops with her Sister Charlotte has imagination, creativity and she is FUN. The quilt above is about her Grandson, isn't it wonderful?
Laura gave me the story behind the quilt above and it shows how one can tell a perfect and happy story in a wonderful and whimsical quilt-so lovely and sentimental!
She says " The second one is the house that I started when we were in
Florida at the class on building houses. It is the story of my years
in Spain. I went to Spain with two children and came home with
three. Notice the cute stork. My kids remember the shepard with his
sheep along with our trips to the beach. We had to go on a curvey
road through the mountains to get there. There is also a silver
Christmas tree which was the only sort of tree you could get in Spain
in the mid 60's. "
Here is Lisa last year in her tiara going to town....
 After a couple of people went home we took this nice photo...note the REAL tiara's each student gets when they come...they are so cool and we all love wearing them...well there is a shy girl or two but most of us just laugh at ourselves and the fun of wearing a tiara with our jeans. One man asked us "were you girls all homecoming queens or something?" We all laughed at that one. :0) More fun.

We always do an evening shopping spree at the local shop in Coeur d'Alene-here is the beginning of my stack....beautiful fabrics at this shop and lots of them!
Lunch on the last day before we go home....
For those of you who wrote to ask questions here are the answers. You fly into Spokane International Airport (I am not sure about the International part but that is another story)-it is a nice airport and I spend alot of time there.
As for hotels there is a Hampton Hotel at Liberty Lake which is a drive to Post Falls but a nice place and they serve breakfast. There is also a Red Lion (Templins) in Post Falls one mile from the Art Center. It doesn't serve breakfast but we will be offering granola, fruit, muffins and coffee every day. The first year I had my retreat it was more money and I included the hotel which was a place in Post Falls that I have NOT named. There are three such places and do not stay at any of them...they are not suitable for a nice stay, honestly. The two I have mentioned are safe bets and if you are an adventurer there are great places in Coeur d'Alene Idaho which is not that far from Post Falls and also Spokane Valley. There is a place on Indiana in Spokane Valley that I hear is quite nice. It is three stars instead of two like everything else is. If you have more questions on this, let me know please.
Mexican Food for the Students....getting to know one another
Building a Quilt canvas of color and design for a GREAT story quilt. I have had some questions again about the retreat. The retreat is held at an art center called the JACC. It is the Jacklin Arts center in Post Falls Idaho between Spokane and Coeur d'Alene. Great location and a quilt shop that is wonderful is close by and there are four right across the border in Spokane Valley as well as at least four more in town.
Hotel is your responsibility (I have suggestions) and food is on us! Where we sew there is a chef's kitchen and each year I have a great cook to make us both lunches and dinners plus a snack table with lots of things good for us (fruits and vegies) and not so great for us (chips, nuts,gorp, candy etc. :0)

Here is Wendy on a pasta night we had with Miss Laurie as the cook.
 Above is Miss Laurie trying to get a moments rest.....
Below, Laura Webb did this darling quilt about how she and her husband met on a plane going from Hawaii...wonderful story and wonderful creativity. Laura is hooked on story quilts and you can meet her if you come this year. She is flying in from Texas.

 Above is the view from the kitchen to the classroom.
 More jovial photos of fun people getting to know one another.
Lunch at the Davenport Hotel
Dawn's drawing about her cute daughter in law
Dawn's background quilt canvas ready for the story to go in the middle
A fun flower we like to do because it takes up alot of space and is whimsically awesome
Burrito and Taco favorite
Terry Below is smiling because of the great fabrics we found! Terry was a great addition to the retreat!
Cutting and sewing and Inventing and Laughing and Thinking and Creating!
Below Susan shows just how creative and inventive she can be!
Below is the motto for our retreats!

Quilt done by Val on the right below-darling-sorry it is fuzzy
Eilene gets to know two new friends....
Sandi's drawing and story for her quilt-in the middle of the quilt canvas. We do the quilt canvas first to set a color pallette and then we can have our story go onto the top and into the makes it perfect for unity
Laurie and Eilene contemplate dinner and then dishes
The quilt below is a story quilt about Charlotte and Laura when they were little and in dance lessons- GOOD news, Charlotte and Laura will be flying in for the retreat!
A beautiful quilt canvas ready for applique in the middle once it is sewn together
Sandy's story quilt about her daughter's 6th birthday
Everyone is outside on the patio eating a lovely lunch (above)
-We are really lucky this year as two of the ladies who will be here have done lots of quilts and they are knowledgeable and FUN and sisters and offer lots of support and laughs for the class. Tina who will be cooking for us is a fabulous quilter who has done story quilts and lots of other quilts. Mari who is coming has not only done story quilts (wonderful ones of her kids) but she has been the main person for the block swaps in the chatroom and she has made a series of great quilts with the hoochy mama blocks. We also have girls coming who have and have not taken classes so no matter what you will be prepared and have lots of fun and learn loads. You will never look at fabric the same way again I promise you.
Quilt canvas's sit and ready themselves for the fun stories....
Molly works on her story quilt about the night she and her husband had their first date
Above, Lisa puts the story in the middle of the green quilt canvas you saw earlier here (above) on this blog
Aija remembers a cruise with her adorable Grandchildren
Pasta Salad for Lunch
Above is the infamous huckleberry milkshakes everyone loved to buy in Coeur d'Alene- they are fabulous!
Don't forget that the day before the retreat begins, we can go to the Farm Chicks Show in Spokane-thousands of people drive and fly in to find antiques and collectibles and sewing things from the past-pretty wonderful! You can google it and maybe google images "Farm Chicks". All in all we plan on having a fabulous time with girls from Washington, Idaho, Florida, California and Texas...come and join us!
Set up and Farm Chicks is June 3rd and the retreat is June 4th-8th.
$600. for a fabulous time you won't forget!


  1. Gosh! This looks like the Best Fun! I loved all the pictures and the ideas! BTW Mary Lou, did you get the picture I sent email of the sandals?? They were so YOU!

  2. I love the student drawings and the pieces they have started, really fun and wonderful stories to quilt.


  3. Hi Mary Lou,

    These have been two of the best retreats I've ever been on, can't wait to see what we get up to this year!

    I better get going on my road trip quilt so I can have a progress report!

    Great pictures and even better memories!