Monday, March 12, 2012

A Story About Childhood from my Cousin Carl

I don't write that much on my blog but I wanted to share this as it reminded me of my childhood. My cousin who was the shyest most innocent kid in the world when he was a kid is still sweet and kind of naive. I am crazy about him. A family friend who had LouGerigs disease just died as did his wife. This couple was like an aunt and uncle to their family and we will all miss Bud and Bernie alot. Bernie was my Mother's best friend in gradeschool. Picture this.....I sure can, it made me smile. How about you?
Carol wrote-
I will never forget a time in 5th grade, a kid, Greg, was told by another kid, Larry, that I took something from his desk. When in fact Larry took it. Greg let me know he was going to “beat me up” after school. So when the bell rang, I high-tailed it for my bike in the back of the school. But it was to no avail as Greg caught me. There was no convincing Greg that I did not take whatever it was. So the fight was on. Just as I was about to stop his fist with my face, my only defensive maneuver at the time, a teacher came around the corner. He stopped the fight, and sent us up to… Da da daaaa (insert theatrical music tones here) the principal’s office, the all powerful Mr. Nowell. Bud listened to my side of the story through my tears of embarrassment for being in trouble; “I DIDN’T DO IT!” and Greg’s side; “Larry told me Carl took it.” That was all it took as Bud said, “Carl, you can go home now.” So Bud knowing me and my parents, I didn’t have to convince him, he knew I was innocent. Wise man.
I remember being blamed once for taking something and it was weeks before the girl who blamed me for taking it, found it in her room. Thise things stay with you for a lifetime don't they? I think as a child we all want to be honest and do the right thing and when circumstances happen, it lasts and stays with us. Don't you think?

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