Sunday, January 5, 2014

Story Quilts and Things that Make us ALL HAPPY...Come and Join Us to Make Your Story Quilt This YEAR

Below is a Post card designed by my friend Bonnie. I am hoping to get this copied off to advertise for story quilts I teach to guilds and shops. There is so much to show and teach and just having an excitement for creativity and invention and fun helps quilters do something they never knew they could. It is contagious! Come and join us!

This isn't a very clear photos but Mary Lou did this darling story quilt in West Virginia at my workshop at Cedar creek. We have made many good friends there who come yearly. So many GOOD things ad Good friends have been made there....
My dear friend Mary did this darling story quilt about her coffee cakes (hundreds of them) that she and her Mom and the rest of the family make. It is so much fun because she has all of the details for this lovely (yearly) memory
Another darling pieced cat- done in my workshop on Madeline Island
I printed this before but it makes me laugh everytime I see it.
Below, Charlotte made some faces using the Out of the Box with Easy Blocks book- this was auctioned off. Think of your family and friends and who you could make using this book. FUN! Charlotte is a Webb Sister who is the other half of the Bunny Sisters.
Below is a quilt my friend Susan did for her Granddaughter Lane...she made it into a Duvet....awesome
Pat M. sat in on my story quilt workshop at John C. Campbell Folk school and this is the story quilt she did for her Grandson. Pretty wonderful right? Loved the colors and the fun! I am teaching there in May of this year. Come and join the fun!
This is a fun part of one of my story quilts-my daughter walkiing her dog
Below is the Quilter's Retirement Home. Girls can enjoy piecing, appliquing, having Grand Children visit, a HUGE shared stash and a full time cook and baker in the doorway who does not like to quilt. Hooray!
Below is three of MY cows from my pattern in the Out of the Box with Easy Blocks book (Martingale- it is available at  i love THESE FUN COWS!
Below is a quilt by Laura who is a Webb sister...they have done as many story quilts as I have and have long been students of mine...they use fusing and do a wonderful and happy job! Charlotte is the other half of the Webb sisters.
This is a border that is in the works with a Halloween story in it on a purple background...when I was little Halloween as a real event! I think it was my favorite holiday
Below is Frida Kahlo in my Southwest quilt...note the is filled with crystals and just radiates light and color...very fun.
The quilt below is pieced and is going to be a large story quilt about John C.Campbell Folk school which I love! Color and story all in one!
. Isn't it wonderful?  This is the result of a workshop with me. Four friends who spent a vacation together...OH, I am pretty sure this is from my sweet friend Lynn who has passed away. She lived in Arlington TX and was a sweet friend to many of us. This nice quilt lives on as a memory her daughter can keep or a friend. Are you leaving a legacy of quilts from your life? You should be. You life lives in in quilting.
Angel Block of the Month available at (below) here is the perfect chance to applique large and easy pieces that make a fabulous quilt and then you can practice your embellishing with beads, buttons, old jewelry from family (or findings), pins, doll parts or what have you....this quilt is wonderful when completed and it is easy applique.


  1. I went to one of MaryLou's story quilt retreats a few years back....and LOVED IT!!! You WILL BE spoiled!!!! Check out my story quilt made at:

  2. So much fun and inspiration. I love Pat's piece for her grandson, something for me to think about.


  3. Thank you for so much prettiness and inspiration on this rainy Monday morning!

    After the resolution to clean up this year, my second resolution is to make a cow quilt and the third is to start my angel quilt! Thank you again Mary Lou!

  4. I really hope there is a quilters retirement home waiting for me 30 years from now. Beautiful quilts!!!

  5. I went to one of MaryLou's story retreat a few years ago and LOVED IT!!! You WILL BE spoiled!!! Check out my story quilt at: or