Saturday, January 18, 2014

Christmas Projects, Cows, Mark and something to laugh about! Plus winners from comment on Monday!

I am embellishing my Christmas tree quilt that I will be teaching this year. Here is part of it and it is going to be fabulous (in my opinion.)
If you are interested in taking this class, please look at my schedule on
and sign up. You will love the patterns and the ideas and all of the embellishing I have added since this was taken. I am sewing on many great buttons, small yoyo's and maybe even some small item like keys and do dads I have collected over the years for Christmas. THIS is what is fun!

Below, I haven't forgotten the toys that go under the tree...I am now embroidering things I love about Christmas and names that mean something to me...wouldn't you like to do a Christmas story quilt? I will be showing this with patterns available in Tahoe, West Virginia and Asilomar...check out the schedule. I am also booking for 2015 and 2016.
Do you remember getting your first Piggy Bank? I do. My brother got a Cape Canaveral set when we were both little...I think what that would be worth now! I have some busted garland on there because that seems to happen every once in awhile too. Do you remember getting your first Piggy Bank? I do.
SO, imagine a Christmas tree with these things on it. I also did some pieced ornaments for a pieced Christmas tree and hope to share those too.- there are TONS of ideas and so much creativity here and if you feel like you need help with creativity this class is for you!

Spealing of story quilts I found this in my files and I cannot remember who did this but do you remember Flash Gordon??? I sure do! Great idea for taking our television sets when we were little, and turning them into reality in our minds! THIS is what creativity and invention are all about! Let me help you create! It is so much fun!
This quilt is by Pam Dransfeldt who took my COW class in Orange California area....she did a story about a purple cow and is wonderful and look at the quilting below!
This photo that my cousin found somewhere looks like me when I spent the night at Ina Mitchell's house and she told me to bring my doll and we could make doll clothes. Ina has passed away but the kindness and patience she taught me will forever last in my heart.
Here is a COW quilt done and called "Contented Cow" by Debbie Brosseti. It has fun buttons and check out that hat! Great fun. I love each and every cow.
I am putting this on here because this is so true! Everyone has a bad day or even week and just something that someone says can make you feel so much better. Be a light in the world even if you are not happy and say something positive and nice. I hear a Bible verse today and I liked was something like "I slipped and your love picked me up Lord." I know how that is and hey, don't we all want picking up sometimes?
I do not know whose quilt this is though I have had this photo for a LONG time. I love anything that is folksy and old and this fit the bills....with all of the chevron fabric out now, think how you could do this with a little piecing...I would love to do Adam and Eve again...I did that a long time ago and it is time to do it again.
I am working on an angel book-just the beginning and it will be an update of my old one with all new photos and ideas. If you would be interested in doing an angel challenge like we have our cows, please send me your email and when I have the rules ready I will contact you.
I had to load this photo on because I know it would please my husband. He is with his brother now in Palm Springs and he hopes to try and golf again. I Just talked to him and he got to Play part of 9 holes and then he just ran out of energy. But the sun is out and he is with his brother and my adorable sister in law who has Parkinson's disease and she golfed and ran out of gas too so she is happy. I told him God is teaching his brother patience. Haha.
I am so happy he can be there in the sun and with people he loves.
I am home, cleaning, sorting, thinking and sewing and plan to sew even more with my neighbor Connie. I am also out of ink with my pen but I am working on my drawing book and hope to have it done soon!
Thanks for you girls who have been patient!
Have a wonderful week! AND count your many blessings/
This Van Gogh cow was made by a girl from Iowa, I LOVE it!
Thought I would add this for comic relief...everyone loves to have something to laugh about and this made me laugh


  1. I do love that folk art quilt, I tend to go with the naive style in primitive and fun in the folk art style, all depends on my mood. I am glad you husband is getting out and having some fun time for himself, we all need that at times.


  2. Hey Mary Lou

    Have you ever thought about having an on-line class? I can't afford to travel but I would pay to take your Christmas Tree class! Have you made videos? I know people who sell video classes on Craftsy. Wish you would think about it! You can also do live classes. I'd pay for just about any class you taught! Cheery wave from Bev! I'm still saving money for the angel BOM. I love that thing!

  3. I would love to do an Angel challenge! Love all of the lovely energy that exudes from every post Mary Lou. It was 80 today here in Ramona CA-it must have been at least that in Palm Springs!

  4. I hope Mark has a wonderful time soaking up the sunshine and love in Palm Springs. Congrats that he managed 9 holes on the first day there.

    Your Christmas quilt is looking lovely, I remember getting one of the bride dolls that sat on my bed whine it was made. I also remember going into the kitchen on Christmas morning and stepping on something wet..there was also a box on the floor that had a Boston Terrier puppy for us. I had to stay quiet about it until my brother woke up. My dad went into the kitchen and let the dog run out and he went straight to my brother who was about 3 or 4 at the time.

  5. Thank you, Mary Lou, for sharing all the pretty inspiration today - especially the saying about a kind word - SO TRUE!

    Yes, I remember my first bank - it was a Mr. Peanut bank. I had the red one and my brother had the blue one. A few years ago, we were talking about them and didn't know where they ended up. For Christmas, my brother gave me a red one he found online! I still have it because it was one of the last presents he gave me.

    The lady exercising made me laugh for sure! Yes, sadly, I can relate to it. Do you know those carnival rides that spin you around in a barrel? Well, my "girls" did exactly the same thing! So embarrassing!

    Still planning my Angel quilt - thank you so much for sending me the revised patterns. I didn't realize the quilt was so big!!

    P.S. Cute picture of you sewing when you were a little girl - so adorable!

  6. I so enjoy your quilts. I have plans for making the cow. Hurray for your husband. 9 holes is great. Hugs

  7. That would totally happen to me, exercise, we call it "the E word". (It's a dirty word at our house.) Thanks for the lol.
    Love the little pink piggy bank. My Dad worked at the Chevy fix it shop when I was just starting grade school and he brought home a 1955 model car that was a bank. It's one of my favorite things.
    I'm glad to see your hubby out and about. Wish that you could have been there too.

  8. Fun seeing your new story quilt projects coming to life!