Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hearts and Cows and Invention and Creativity

These are new heart blocks by Sandi Henschel for my swap.  Pretty fun. Very Hoochy and very colorful and fun! I especially like that black with the big snowflakes as it added some punch in there-it works if the background is mostly dark black as white usually takes over and makes you eye want to go there instead of all over the quilt surface. I call it the white rule!
Isn't this fun? I love it! 20 blocks....makes you feel in the mood for love...or more hearts and sewing. :0)
This will make a lovely quilt for twenty of the girls who are swapping blocks. FUN
THIS is the truth! Think positive and not negative. It starts with making gratitude lists and you can start smell and build it. I have my Grandkids doing this anytime they come over.
Today I am happy for the beauty of snow, that my husband is going sledding with his Grandkids after school. for raisins in oatmeal (yum), for warmth in our home, for flannel ph's, for a good stash, for sharp needles, for time to sew, for good friends on the internet, for something hot to eat on a cold day, for kids who love me, for the privilege of loving my kids, for emails from a friend out of the blue, for cow quilts, for being able to laugh, and for you.
Above- alot of you wanted this posted again because it made you IS pretty funny.

Isn't this new cow darling? This is by Carol Heuter who comes to my retreats from Arizona. She is so much fun and reallly creative and inventive. I think he is wonderful and look at those boots! NOT to be missed!
Here is Winnie the Moo who I think was done by Leanne. If I am wrong please correct me. Isnt she fun and she loves her hay. Love the fabric and the eyes and the border is great!
Carol Drudy is a friend who took my retreat in West Virginia and she has style! I thought this adorable cow had so many good touches in it! Lots to look at and lots of fun while looking. I loved how the cow is whistling, don't you?
I had to show this again because it is just too darn great! Jamie Morton took my workshop at Asilomar last year and she is a wonderful artist that works in many ways. She is working on a wonderful tribute story quilt about her Father. It is going to be wonderful.
I was so excited when I saw these darling cows because it makes you smile just like the ones above.
    THIS is what this is all about. Taking an idea and doing a cow for FUN and enjoying the way it makes you feel. These cows have traveled all over the US and will be in Phoenix for the AQS show, Hooland and Switzerland and in Sisters again this summer. Right now we have 56 quilts in the collection that travel and more all of the time.  I had a man tell me that he has worked at hundreds of quilt shows and never heard laughter and excitement like the cows. I think it is because it is ok to laugh and there is so much to look at. THIS is what creativity and inventing is about. Making something that brings a response from people. If you can do that you made it!
The pattern is in the Out of the Box with Easy Blocks book.
      And I am putting in a shameless promotion here-if you don't know how to invent and be creative, come to my retreat with summer in June. See side bar. Not only will all of that be covered but we will have some of the most creative students that help each other and are happy and awesome!
     Also I will be in Tahoe for story quilts and in West Virginia at Cedar Lakes for my five day story quilt workshop this spring. Come and join us!


  1. Those are really fun quilts and so creative, love seeing what other's come up with to make it their own.


  2. Thanks for sharing my heart blocks Mary Lou, they were so much fun to make! I'm glad I made some extra to make a nice border or cuddle quilt when I get the other blocks sewn together. I love all the new cows being creative. I may have to come up with another one.

  3. Gosh! Love that long runner Heart Quilt on the Black & White snowflake background! Poor Bessie is just trying to be funny! Ha Ha! Mark's quilt is outstanding!!

  4. Thank you, Mary Lou, for sharing the heart quilt - it looks so pretty with the black snowflakes. You're right - the dark background really makes the hearts pop!

    More cute cow inspirations - and the cow picture too! I really appreciate the positivity picture - reminds me to stay positive and remember to always be grateful.

  5. It's your Birthday, Happy day! Enjoy all you do today with all that you meet.

  6. Is there a pattern for the heart blocks?