Monday, January 6, 2014

Ellen Takes Mary Lou's Wool Fish Class and LOOK what she invented for a GREAT wallhanging!

I have been teaching workshops with wool about 15 years. One of my most popular is a large fish with buttons and things for embellishments...the fish always has lots of COLOR, beads and buttons and is alot of fun to make to to show off!
Today I received this NICE letter from Ellen who took my class in Iowa. Since I rarely teach in Wisconsin this was great for me because the Wisconsin girls are fun and love wool with color like me! Ellen I LOVE your designs and that you went ahead and did a super snail and darling crab too. This is what I love about meeting quilters...they take what you start and invent, create and design their own things once they know how and get the spirit of the whimsy and fun! Perhaps you should take one of these classes.
Here is Ellen's lovely letter and darling blocks!

I had so much fun participating in your Fantasy Fish class at the American Quilt Show in Des Moines this year, that I not only finished the project, "Florrie", but designed and completed her friends, "Sallie Snail" and "Carrie Crab".  Have attached pictures.  Thank you for "hooking" me on this new-to-me technique!

Ellen Nelson
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Even her snail and crab have cute smiles....LOVE the color and the fun and the round Embellishments on the snail are so cool too! 
Aren't these colors pretty? Bet they look even more wonderful in person! Ellen it was so nice being with you. You pitched in right away and that class had fun people in it! Hope to see you again!


  1. I LOVE WOOL, I love playing with the different colours and textures that you can find. Different palates from different sources and so many ideas.

    My preference are the cool clear bright colours, but work at times with the more primitive toned palate.

    Ellen I applaud your creativity and your friends are a lovely compliment to Mary Lou's fish.

    Currently I'm on a snowman creating roll, I think I'm working on number 5 right now, all other peoples designs but so much fun.

    Thanks for sharing Mary Lou.

  2. Those are fabulous! Love that crab with the googly eyes!

  3. Love that fish! Don't like working in wool, but I bet it could be done in cottons. Wonder if it would be as cute. Love that crab too.

  4. I love your work and would love to take a class of yours. How do I find your schedule, I am really hoping for a class in Millwood. Your pictures / work is absolutely amazing! Thank you, Carole Taylor

  5. I love your work/pictures, you do amazing work! How do I find out your schedule? I would love to take a class of yours in Millwood. Thank you, Carole Taylor