Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I am blessed, Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, Valentine's projects and Connie helping me

 I decided to join my block swap with Valentine hearts and we are using black backgrounds and red hearts...stay tuned to see the results! Very fun
Speaking of Valentines, my Grandson came today and wanted to make a quilt. We worked on a Valentine for his MOM and DAD and he was quite pleased...this is the second little project we have done and more to come...
Connie came over yesterday and we laughed and talked and sewed on Mark's quilt....we have one more day possibly two to get this put together for him....
It is more fun sewing with two people than my opinion...
Connie is also working on a new cow and I have one in mind....we were looking at my stash and gee there are SO many ideas there! Do you ever notice what wonderful fabric you have and wonder why you haven't used it? That is where I am.
I am thankful to have a place to sew and a good stash...I am blessed
    Today my friend sent me this to share...they sound good and easy to do for Grandkids.... what do you think?


  1. Your grandson's stitching and the look on his face are GREAT!

    Mark's quilt is looking amazing, I'm glad Connie is able to help you put it together while he is enjoying the sun and golf.

    I got my black and white fabrics today in the mail and pulled out some others...then I went looking and now I wonder where I'm going to sleep tonight. My bed is covered with fabric!

    Found some I'm going to pass onto others or donate to a thrift shop.

    Your cake recipe looks yummy.

  2. That is wonderful that your grandson is quilting with you and his piece is so fun.
    Love how Mark's quilt is coming out.


  3. Wow! The car quilt looks great! The black and white dotted background really makes the car blocks stand out. They seem to be floating in space among the stars.

    Cute Grandson valentine heart. Looking forward to seeing your Valentine project!

    Thank you for the recipe - seems like something even I could handle! Yummmm!!!

  4. Mark's quilt is coming along beautifully! I would like to stick my finger in that cookie dough right now!

  5. Mark's quilt looks great! How's he feeling? Thanks for the easy recipe! Hope you are doing well and have been thinking about doing an online class (selfishly). XO and cheery wave from Bev