Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mark's Quilt starts to take shape and isn't the RED in the border great?

Here is Mark's Car quilt today...Connie came over and helped me to put the red around the cars. My sewing machine tension was giving me fits so she got alot done before I switched to another machine. IS there anything as bad a tension when you want to sew???
So the quilt will now get black (on the right) in between each block and then a simple border to make it longer for his legs. :0)
He was weepy when I showed this to him and he said, "this is going to be a beautiful quilt....and it is.
Thank you to those of you who sent blocks. Aren't they fun???
Hopefully we will have this done by the weekend and I can have it quilted and he can use it. Fun.
Thank you for commenting.
I think the red around each block is quite wonderful! And happy and he needs happy right now.
NOTE- some of you asked about how they did some of the corvette's. One person painted it, one person did all thread stitching , one person paper pieced it, several people appliqued by hand and the rest appliqued by machine. It is a quilt of many approaches and it means so much to Mark and Me too. Friends that are quilters truley show compassion in a wonderful way.
Thank you! I think the red looks so cool around each block.


  1. I love how it is coming together, Mark is such a lovely man who is so deserving of this gift.

  2. The red looks great and it makes it a happy quilt too. I notice the two vettes that look realistic, are those applique or printed? That was the design I was trying to applique and it just wasn't working for me, but my brain seems to be on hold these days;)


  3. I tried to leave a comment yesterday, but was unsuccessful . Hope this works today. I'm so glad to see how the quilt is progressing. I sew enjoyed making the block with the Nebraska sun shining on the 'MARK II' cinvertible. I hope it brings a little Mid-Western sunshine and happiness to you and Mark. Mark's quilt is a winner for sure. Have you thought about chenille for the backing, it is so soft and warm.