Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Comments from Students Let's Me Know They "Get It" and That is So Wonderful

You know friends sometimes a student writes and tells me how they feel about creating a story quilt after taking a workshop and I am just giddy because then I know they "get it." Bringing your artist out to play brings a whole new meaning to quilting and creativity. I had Mary Margaret Hogan in my class at MISA (Madeline Island) and this is the letter she wrote to me. If you haven't taken a story quilt and I am in your area, honestly you should take it and tell the world about YOU.
Mary's letter says-

"This work is so amazing. I am using the large one. I decided to start with the hair (of course) and woman's face. I'm tracing as I go along, so I get to some sewing. It sort of feels like the characters or the story is emerging from the quilt. I feel like a madwoman as I want to keep cutting, placing, and sewing so I can see how it is going to turn out.  
I have some quilts that I may try to use as backgrounds for one of these, which will mean applique on top of an already quilted piece. But why not?"

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