Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Story Quilt Beginnings Makes for Fun Letter and Photo

The photo above is a story quilt beginning about Mary who makes stollen for her family and all of her friends (70 or more). She has her border done (we do this first to set a color pallette) and now she is putting in the story. Those red drawers behind her will have buttons on them for pulls. She has lots of good ideas for this. So if you want to do a story quilt and learn how to get out of the box, think inventive and creatively and have lots of fun telling the world your story, come to Madeline Island next year or one of the many places I am teaching story quilts. My schedule is on Marylouweidman.com
She wrote this to me today-
 I wanted you to know I am finally "getting" what to do and now i don't want to go to work.  Darn.  I called in to work later hours (which my boss likes anyway).  I just wanted to show you.  I loved the class and learned so much more.  I enjoyed all the people, we learn from everyone.  Mary Graves

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  1. What a wonderful note from a student and so nice to know that you help so many to bring out their creative side and enjoy quilting.