Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hoochy Mama, Flower Power and "Out of the box with Easy Block"s Makes for GREAT quilts!

So I got these photos from a friend who works for Martingale (Leanne) and she and Mary Burns wrote to brag on their wonderful friend Tracy Overturf who make this cute scrappy and easy piecing quilt complete with DOG she made from the cow pattern. Pretty wonderful i would say and the colors are just super!
Look at all of the aspects that are easy piecing in this...right out of my books and perhaps the bottom row is Freddy Moran, an old friend of mine.
I LOVE this kind of quilt and who wouldn't and hey, it could be a pieced story quilt about your dog and your garden. Piece some letting with names and places (also in my Out of the Box with Easy Blocks Book) and you have a great piece that will pass along some information about YOU!
So much fun!

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