Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pat Sloan's Radio Show has Mary Lou on Monday -TODAY-I will be on the 2nd half of the show

I chose two photos of Pat I love. One is really nice with her lovely hand and watch and she looks so wise like someone about to give advice to someone who did something....and below, I could not resist this beautiful scarf photo!
SO, Pat Sloan interviews all of the Grand poobah quilters and I feel lucky that she wants to talk to me on her program.
I have known about Pat for many years since I bought a charming basket pattern of hers in greens. She makes the kind of quilts that if I change my story quilt style, I would love to follow HER around and take her classes. They picked the right person for her job, talented, fun and NICE and she smiles. Don't you just love a quilter who smiles? I do! So, please listen to what we chat about. I might tell about an odd happening with my husband's Aunt who died this week. I was crazy about her...she was ahead of her time. Come listen! And check out Pat's blogs and website and facebook-she must be cloned!

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  1. Thank you for the link to creative talk radio. I will be listening. Thanks for all the inspiration! Karen from Clarkston