Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Creativity and the Beauty Of Tahoe....

I picked up the MOOlon Rouge quilt from Sandy Fisher and my goodness what details. It will be great fun showing it at Market! Sandy is really good at quilting and color and whimsy. Note the tassle on the udder....very funny.
One of good friends named Lynne could not make it this year because of chemo so we put together something fun for a pillow for her. She will love it and know how much we missed her and her best friend Nancy

Above is my buddy Kathy Collins who lives in Atlanta and is a lawyer and a delight! I have known her many years from my workshops and we became good friends. She made this cow and told me it wasn't a reflection on my body,,,thank  heavens....I hope she was being truthful- Anyway I love it and it is made of different fabrics I designed over the years. By the way, I am not with Benartex any longer.....
Candy brought her totally complete story quilt and I wanted a good photo of her with it done....I love it-color, content, great story and whimsy-wonderful!
It is 5:30 and Tina and Candy toast to a productive and FUN day
As I was posting this blog, I saw that Sandi from Canada sent me a photo of her pieced cow....I think it flew OVER the Moon! Very whimsical Sandi!
If you have not been to Tahoe, you would love it-gorgeous in any season, it is a great destination place. I am thinking of doing at least one retreat there next year...it will be on creativity and might include paint-I would love to do that somewhere...so many ideas, so little time
look at the clear color of the water-fabulous!
Our friend Kathy was on this boat- I wanted to be but put my quilting first...I am still not sure that was right....oh well next year
Tina Made this cow for our show at Market. I think it is wonderful and all of these quilts are so much better in person-the color and theme of this is fabulous!

Kathy Collins made this quilt and put in a hoochy background with stratas....I think it is spectacular. The colors in person are wonderful and hey, the theme is super too. I told her once it is quilted she should have carrots hanging off the cows tail.
SO much fun!
Would love some comments please


  1. I can't tell you how much I love Kathy's veggie cow. Do you know that cow also stands for Cranky Old Woman. Sometimes I am one!

  2. I love all the cows. They inspire me! I have to get busy.

  3. Everything just looks like so much fun. I really need to take one of ytour workshops. The scenery is so gorgeous too. Love the cows! everyone is so cool.

  4. Love all the beautiful new cows, especially the veggie cow! Did you know veggie burgers come from veggie cows? Oh nooo....

    Thank you, Melinda, for the explanation of C.O.W. - guess I'm one too!