Monday, October 10, 2011

Madeline School of the Arts Class Brings Fun, color and Ideas for Story Quilts

This is a beautiful photo of Mary Margaret who we all enjoyed. She has a great personality and tells you just what she is thinking which we all loved and she dyed her hair for the class the most beautiful color of purple. It fit her and we all LOVED it and wished we could pull it off as well.
Mary Margaret took my "quilter's" fabric I designed and she made a great block showing parts of the faces. Very clever and we all thought she showed it off in a unqiue and fun way!
Below are blocks that will be a story quilt border....lovely blocks with light giver fabrics....
Below is Sue Bright's story quilt border. She is doing a quilt called "the Little Store" and it has a candy counter with an old man with glasses and a mustache and a little girl in a cute outfit buying candy (it is her when she was small). Who can't relate to penny candy and these pretty colors we used to have around us when we were little.
I still do.
Above are some of Mary's blocks, aren't they pretty and scrappy?
Original and fun blocks take shape to make a quilt canvas for a story quilt.
 Above is Jackie with an original and pretty block.
Above is Penny's lovely sunflower which just fit in so well with the beauty of the colors outdoors (Autumn). I told Penny that my five year old Granddaughter said "Mimi, I don't like it when people tell me what to do." And Penny said to me "I know just how she feels." THAT has to be a story quilt for either Penny or me!
Note the white block on the bottom that Penny made. I just loved the way those colors looked in subtle but so pretty.
    I wish I had photos of each person...I guess I am too busy talking or something. You can see the group as a whole and how nice they all look. Love class photos and MISA took a class photo and then marked each name individually for us to take home so we know who each person is. WONDERFUL gift for each of us. I will be there next year same time and hope you consider saving for it NOW. It is sure to fill and we will have lots of autumn ideas for quilt stories that will last for generations.
Judy gets her border going for the story about she and her husband
NOTE- see Mary Lou and Cherries Too for more on Judy's quilt.

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