Tuesday, October 11, 2011

COW QUILTS from Dawn Tonoli- VERY fun!

This lovely cow quilt is from Dawn Tonoli who has been making my style quilts for many years. Taking a pattern from the "Out of the Box with Easy Piecing Blocks" book, she really created alot of whimsy and color! She said she might just stop making anything but cow quilts because they are fast and they are so much fun! As you can see the quilt above is MOOcho Villa and this cow has a cowboy hat and mustache....pretty creative!
Above is a closeup of MOOcho Villa.....
The cow above has a sky theme and is called "MOOLAW"....nice colors and fabrics and theme
MOOey Christmas everyone! Complete with a halo and Christmas tree and wreath fabrics to make her very festive and ready for Christmas. I would add crystals to this one for sure.
MOOey in Pink...I think she needs flamingo earrings...who said you can't have a cow in the bedroom? She would match beautifully! Look at the print here isn't it wonderful? So whimsical and fun!

I have a block swap i
I have a blkock swap often in my YahooGroups chatroom and they swapped birds not long ago and here Dawn took the darling birds she got and created this whimsical and wonderful quilt....so free, so happy and so fun. To join the group you simply go to YahooGroups and type in Mary Lou Weidman. We share lots including recipes, quilts ideas, where to purchase things, holiday ideas and we even support our friends who are under the weather, ill or sad because of family illness's or death. It is nice to offer to help any way we can and many girls send cards to people they do not know. This room is awesome.
AND you meet many quilters and sometimes meet them in person in Houston or other quilt shows. Many close friendships have been made in the chatroom. Come and join us!


  1. Really creative uses of fabrics. I think if you change the hat to antlers, you would have a really fun reindeer, lol.


  2. I LOVE all of the Moo quilt and the birds are adorable!!

  3. Great quilts Mary Lou,

    Dawn has done some amazing work, love the guitar over his shoulder along with the cowboy hat and moustache.

    I've got one brewing to share with you soon.

    Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

  4. WOW! love how she incorporated the birds into a very cheerful quilt. love all the ideas this site has for quilting outside the box. thanks Mary Lou. Holly

  5. Such an excellent bird quilt! Creative, whimsical and charming!

  6. I love that bird quilt. It gives me an idea of how to put my birds together. This is awesome. Love those cows too. I have to make one!