Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Houston Here I Come and Timeless treasures Fabric create REAL Art

I wanted to show you the quilt I made for Timeless treasures fabric manufacturer. They sent me fabric from three different lines and I decided to do a story quilt about Giverney the beautiful gardens in Paris. I visited there about five years ago and it was amazing.
Joila! A French girl with blue eyes, such fun. My neighbor brought over the earring and the broach.
Here is the quilt in it's fun and so colorful...I am putting it in my entry hall once it is Spring!
O wanted you to see the pretty pearls on the bouquet because they came from Isle d La Sorgue (I am sure I spelled that wrong) but some of you might recognize the name of a fabulous flea market destination. For a French story quilt it was the perfect touch.

All gardens need a birds nest or two.....
Solids and tone on tones and light givers and French styled fabrics add up to a fun combination! I have noticed that Timeless Treasures does alot of these print stle fabrics that make sure wonderful backgrounds! This is the fifth quilt I have done like this with their fabrics and I have two more in the works! If you are not looking at the end of the bolt, you should be. Many fabric companies are printing inferior and cheap cotton goods. If you hold a fabric to the window and can see through it don't buy it!
Timeless Treasures does a great job with cotton and it is nice to work with.
One of these days I am going to list four companies that I buy my goods from and why. You should know what you are buying and where is is being printed.  If you have taken a class from me you know this is important for all of us.
Also, GOOD prints equal GOOD quilts....don't buy stiff fabrics because the dye is still in them! Yuck.
A Lemonade quilt I did with ALL Timeless Solids....a fun memory for my daughter and her best friend in second grade
I also wanted to show you this little "short" story quilt. If you can tell the background in lettering. Each fabric in here is Timeless Treasures goods and they were such fun to work with....add a little embroidery floss and some buttons and you have something quite wonderful.
    I am off to Houston for Quilt Market and I am going to take dozens...maybe hundreds of photos...stay tuned for more ideas and good advice.
Take care dear friends and thank you for dropping by and especially if you are commenting which I LOVE.


  1. Oh my! As always your fun creations spark my
    imagination and make me want to sew! lovely lovely work!
    I got to visit Giverny years ago when my DH and I took my in laws so they could visit Omaha Beach where my father in law was a medic back on D-day.

    have fun in Houston, I look forward to your pictures.

    Happy Sewing and safe travels

  2. That is such a fun quilt and a fun way to remember your trip to France. The little extras make it more special.


  3. Oh those are adorable! I just love them! Your work is amazing! I'm so glad you share your creations!

    Cheery wave!


  4. Love the quilts. Have a GREAT time!

  5. Love the Timeless new Giverney quilt! You have great fun away! I will look forward to the pictures!!
    Thinking of your family this week. v

  6. What a great tip about holding your fabric up to a window. . .now, I need to go try that with the fabric I bought yesterday!!!

  7. Thank you, Mary Lou, for the happy quilts today!

    Hope you have a great time at Quilt Market and gets lots of happy inspiration for future quilts!

  8. Have a blast at Market and take lots of pictures! I can't wait to see what you find. Thank you for sharing your art and ideas.

    Nancy in Denver

  9. I will be looking for you in Houston. Have a safe trip.

  10. I am so glad you posted all three of these quilts together. I love all of the colors, the stories, and sense of happiness. What I learned from seeing them all together is that I need to take more chances with scale. I am not sure I would have noticed it if it was just one quilt. The giant sunflowers in the first quilt, the large bird over the children in the second, and the large flower in the third, are all larger than life. Yet, it all works and makes the stories more fantastical. Thanks for sharing these works.

  11. Wonderful quilts Mary Lou, I love the birds in your French quilt. The flying chicken so wonderful, I love the solids for the feathers in the rainbow colours.

    Your daughter's lemonade stand turned it lovely and I loved seeing your mini story at retreat.

    I'm surprised how many Timeless Treasure fabrics I have in my stash. I can't wait to see what yours turn out like. Enjoy Market, wish you could stay until the shoe.

  12. ML, I like the lemonade stand, looks so great and all solid fabrics! Cant wait to see your post from Houston.

  13. As always, Mary Lou, whimsical and wonderful! I love this quilt! Paris and Mary Lou - what's not to love?! Your quilts make me smile inside and out! Linda Payne

  14. Love love love! Chickens and cows are always so much fun and especially so when you throw your extra Joie de vivre into the mix!