Friday, October 12, 2012

My Life and The Life of a Lady I met at the Airport in San Fransiscoo

Someone sent me some pumpkin photos they had from other sources...I have No idea where or what.  The first one is obviously done by children because it is so fabulous!
The "I Love You Moo" cow quilt is done by Mari Linfesty at my June retreat in Idaho. We had lots of great things come out of that class and this year's class is almost full. We have four spots left and that is it. Miss Tina is coming from LA to cook again and we will follow Farm Chicksn Antiques and Collectibles Sale as well as other awesome surprises. The cost is $750. for a five day workshop and three wonderful meals all homemade from scratch and delicious. The best thing? Creativity abounds and new friends too. Write me at if you are interested. June 3rd through the 7th- Farm Chicks is June 2nd and we will all meet with our aprons and tiaras on. :0)
The Cow who jumped over the Moon is by Sandi who lives in Vancouver Canada. She has been at my last four retreats...I think she holds the record. :0) These cows are not completely done but gives you ideas of what we can do for fun!
I mentioned this in my Mary Lou and Cherries Too blog and here I have quite a few different readers so I am mentioning it here also. Day before yesterday my husband Mark was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He will have surgery next month and then take a month or five weeks off depending.
Our five year old son went through chemo etc., for cancer many years ago and we both think this will go much easier for both of us. We have a strong faith in God and know that anything that happens is His divine Plan. We just have to let it play out and stay positive and be greatful for all of our many blessings including our children, Grandchildren and nice friends.
We all look at the same beautiful moon...isn't it amazing?
I have wanted to share a little story and I think this is a good time.
 When Mark and I went to Hawaii we got into the connecting  airport and it was packed. I was looking for two seats and I noticed a woman who was obviously middle Eastern and there were all kinds of seats empty around her and no where else. She had on a beautiful scarf and was reading a thick book.
So I went and sat next to her and we started to chat. She was from Afganistan and I asked her many questions and told her she was the face of that place as I knew No one from there. She had five children and four of them lived out of Afganistan all in different countries. She started to cry and said they would probably never be able to connect with each other in person again. I asked what she thought of the Americans there and she said that she and all of her friends were so grateful for the US and everything they have done there and she was very afraid of what would happen when they left.  Earlier in her life she had come to the US to get an honor from George Bush for what she was doing in her country. She had run a little school secretly for girls and then men came, ransacked her home and burned all of her books and forbid her to ever teach there again. She was such a great person I thought how sad for those girls. She said it is the problem of NO education for the people there that is the biggest problem and that girls were forbidden to go to school. People don't think for themselves because they are not educated to do this.  She said that she had her husband but was worried about her son who can't get a visa to get out of the country to go to Australia. She said 30% of women in Afganistan are single mostly because of their husbands being killed and it is against the law for a woman to have a job. Therefore if a woman does not have a husband, son or brother, they starve to death because the only way to get food is to beg and in some regions they are brutally beaten by men. This woman was lovely, well spoken and kind. We talked for about an hour and a half. I asked her name and it is Saleema (I am probably spelling this wrong) and I told her I would pray for her. She is worried what will happen to them when the US leaves. I have to say that it was nice to meet someone who does appreciate our troops and what they have tried to do there. We are so lucky to have education and I am so thankful that my little Grandchildren are free to learn and read and grow. I think women of the world could mostly get along if we focused on what we love like our family, children and friends.
Today be thankful you can read a book and share and grow and be thankful that you do not have to worry about a bomb or gun in your life today.
Aren't we lucky to be able to get into a car, have lunch with a friend, have a blog without worry or being arrested, buy fabric, shop by ourselves without a male chaperone etc, share with friends, go to a book store or library and load up on reading materials? As your week goes on this week, be thankful for all of your many blessings because if you are reading this, you are surely for somewhere that gives you that freedom.
I am traveling to Tahoe this week to sew and create and have fun with friends. i am going to dream up new patterns and new ideas and bring my artist out to play. If yu haven't done that lately, it is so much fun and your artist starts to come out without being invited. I hope that you have a lovely week this week and that you enjoy Autumn for all of it's many beautiful gifts it brings. Thanks for being my friend and visiting.


  1. I hope you have a wonderful time in Tahoe.
    What a nice post about our troops and how they are appreciated, the only ones who want them out are the ones we are protecting them from;)
    The pumpkin piece looks familiar, I know I have seen those somewhere.


  2. Hi Marry Lou,

    Thanks for the lovely picture of my cow quilt, it now has some more stars and an udder that I appliqued, I forgot to sew it on when I was picking it.

    I've only been to 3 of your Post Falls retreats not 4, although I wanted to go to the August one you had the first year. I Willa be there with bells on next year.

    What lovely story about the lady Iady in the airport.

  3. I was sorry to read the news to read about your husband. Faith is a wonderful gift form our Loving Father -- I don't know what people without it do!

    I had the privilege of teaching people from Afghanistan - men and women - here in Australia, as well those from many other countries where education is a privilege and teachers are always honoured. We just don't realise sometimes how blessed we are!

  4. Thank you for introducing us to Saleema and telling us her story. It's good to know our troops are doing good work that is actually appreciated by the people for whom they are fighting.

    Thank you, too, for your continuing inspiration. I love to read all the little quotes on the sidebar. Sometimes I copy them into a document to keep them together. Thank you for being MY friend and hope you have a great time sewing with your friends!

  5. Praying for you and your DH. My dad just finished treatment for prostate cancer and is doing well. The goodish news is that it is a very treatable type of cancer.

    Thank you for sharing your airport visit. You never know who will touch our lives. We are truly blessed to have so many freedoms. Too bad so many people in our country don't realize it. That story will stick with me.

    Have a fun if not relaxing time with your buddies getting your artist on!

  6. Thank you for sharing the airport story. I have a dear friend who is from there and she is a beautiful person as well.
    My hubby had a scare a year ago of the dreaded P cancer but did not have it after all, we were both very concerned that it would be the diagnosis. I feel in my heart for you and your hubby and wish you the very best and will remember you both in my prayers. Having strong faith is such a blessing, I don't know how people who don't have faith manage to handle the tough times. God bless and keep you, Marylou. In friendship xo

  7. Ugh. I just wrote a post and lost it. Hopefully you wont get this twice.
    I wanted to say "thank you," for sharing Saleemas story. I think it was timely, after the news this week of the young girl Malala being shot. Her suffering will not go unnoticed. The inhumanity of this crime speaks loudly across the globe.
    ML, I hope we cross paths again soon. Thank you for posting. You have a positive outlook and it rubs off. You inspire me and I try to spread that in my art, life and relationships.
    I know I dont have to say this but "stay positive"
    Michalee in San Diego.

  8. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers. Thank you for telling us about Saleema. It is a great reminder of all we have to be thankful for.

  9. Hi MaryLou, I appreciated your story about Saleema. We know so little about this part of the world. Thank you for sharing. My DH was diagnosed with very aggressive prostrate cancer 4 years ago. He had 45 radiation treatments and is free of cancer. The technology is amazing. I'm praying for your family to become and remain cancer free. (( ))s MaryJo