Saturday, October 20, 2012

October Blessings

Well, it is Saturday here and I am home from Tahoe and back to my home which is surrounded by beautiful leaves and trees and my husband is here. He is experiencing night sweats now  and Wed. we will be going to the surgeon to see about removing his prostate which is cancerous. He and I are going down soon to get a juicer which we both agree would be good for us and a good step to better health. He went to my Grandson and Granddaughter's hockey game to day and my other Granddaughter's soccer game...he came home happy because she scored a goal right off the bat. He said it was cold sitting out there. Having come from California, it feels even colder. :0)
I am posting these cows that Mary Linfesty made as a reminder that Mel and I have gotten four BIG venues next year that will show cows quilts and we are hoping for new cows for each venue. I am making two new quilts and am hoping that you girls that made cow quilts will write me again so I can get you on the list and others can see your cow quilt.
If you haven't made a cow quilt, please think about it -any theme with the word Beef, cow, moo, heifer, Dairy,veal etc...
Cowafornia, A COWntant, Mooey Christmas, VEALentines Day, FrankenHEIFER, Etc.... Stay tuned and I will add more and you and your friends can come up with dozens of names...we do it all of the fun! For the pattern purchase "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks" bY Mary Lou Weidman and Mel McFarland (you can order it on my website and get some fun extras from me)
if you want a two day class on cows for your guild, contact me as it is one of the most fun things I teach!
This cow photo (nice sofa) was sent by a friend on Facebook- pretty fun
I had to add this- When my daughter lived at home she would check out 20 books a week and when she was home she would hole up in her room and read. My ten year old Granddaughter sent me this photo after she came home from the library....she is a chip off the old block. We all love books....I have switched to Non-fiction mostly but if someone recommends a good fiction one, I read them on the planes I ride...Who doesn't love a good book?
I am ready to start reading Agatha Christie again because I used to read anything she my memory is so bad I am sure I won't remember "who done it"
When we had out Retreat this week in Tahoe was had a friend come to visit us...this was the best photo we could get as he started running when we started chasing him with our cameras...someone was saying grab licorace! I knew that was wrong from the time I worked at Yellowstone during college....he finally ran down to the water scare'ing a woman who was sitting peacefully on the exciting place Tahoe!
Linda Peterson is one of the best quilters I know. I stopped by Kathy Woods house (she quilts) and she had this quilt of Linda's that she had just done. I had to get a couple of photos to show you! Isn't this wonderful? Her color sense is out of this world!
As you can see, it doesn't matter what quilt Linda does...she does well and Fun! Linda lives on the coast close to Smokey Point in Washington and she has a beautiful house on the water, she cooks better than almost anyone I know and she is a hostess with the mostest...I love being around her because she is positive, talented and above all NICE. And if you are going to make friends, you might as well make sure that they are NICE because NICE MATTERS. Right? My friends bless me and Linda is one of those!
I am ending with this silly scarecrow I have in my yard,,,,he is old but he makes me happy and the crow on his should makes me smile too
Hope you are happy and that someone made you smile today.
For those of you who commented on my last post and the lady from Afganistan, thank you. These kinds of people are put into our paths to remind us of how God blesses us.
Be a blessing to someone today and say something they need to hear. It will bless you and them.
Thank you for visiting me today-you bless me when you do this. :0)


  1. Welcome home! It's nice to see you back again - hope you had a really good trip!

    Thank you for all the great pictures and inspiration for Fall.

    Hope all goes well with your doctor visit with your husband - we will pray for you.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your husband, he will be in my prayers. My husband has cancerous skin, so he is getting treatments and hopefully that will keep it from spreading or coming back. It is tough getting older, our bodies age faster than our minds;)

    Cows are fun and lots of fun possibilities to work off of.


  3. Thank You Mary Lou! For that Let's Dance piece!... I will be remembering you and your wonderful guy this week!

  4. Hi!! I love your posts!!! Always upbeat and cheerful!! The flower quilt is beautiful!!! I love love love the cows!!! I plan to order the book on Wed this coming up week!!! I have seen these cows and just love them!! My first one probably won't be anything to brag about but I will still love it!!!! Thank You

  5. ML, that is not a sofa! It is a "Cow-ch" ;-)