Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Hi Friends....SEE the copyright sign? Please respect it. I am working on that new drawing book and at the same time doing drawing with my Grandkids...the girls love these girl type drawings and me too. Some of these will be turned into quilts for the cover of the book. I think this one will be especially fun don't you?
Who wouldn't want an owl purse and some pumpkin cupcakes?
     I want to thank each of you who commented on my blog. I sincerely so appreciate reading your thoughts. I try to make this colorful and happy and upbeat to offer the opposite of the news and the c__p_ that we see on television.
It is disheartening to see how people view dishonesty and cheating and things that should be second hand nature to know is wrong. Even in my own classes my things get stolen and I have my name written large right across the top.  The good news is that sometimes a lovely person comes forward and has two and replaces the one that is gone. But in the end what makes someone (especially a quilter) think it is ok to take something from someone who wishes them no ill will? I don't get it. I guess it was the Irish upbringing I had that made me feel guilty for even thinking of such a thing. And in the end, what do you gain?
OK, that was a downer sort of.....
    This week my cousin Lance came to visit from Mozambique and I decided to make my chili verde. It is one of my favorite recipes and it always hits the spot with rice (I use brown) and tortillas. I serve it up with lots of good toppings and it is delicious, you may want to add more spices and chili's. I am a gringo and don't like my food so hot.
Start with a CROCKPOT
Mary Lou's Chili Verde
3 1/2 pound pork shoulder cut in cubes and browned in olive oil
1 Large can tomatoes-chopped
2 cans green enchilada sauce
2 yellow onions large , chopped
6 cloves garlic minced
2 medium size chopped green chilies (I use mild but I am a wimp)
green pepper and red pepper chopped  (add 1 1/2 hour ) before the stew is done
1 1/2 teaspoon cumin
salt and pepper to taste
Add all ingredients to crock pot and cook about 6 to 7 hours. Serve with brown rice, tortillas, shredded lettuce, sharp cheddar cheese shredded, green scallions chopped fine, fresh tomatoes chopped, guacamole, sour cream cilantro and salsa.
This is a recipe everyone asks for when I make it and it gets better everyday if there is any left.
So this was fun because my seven year old Granddaughter copied the lady in the middle I drew and then my six year old Granddaughter drew it and put a chicken on her head...she wasn't as interested in coloring it as inventing....and that is what I love to do also.
Stay tuned for the drawing book the end of the year.
I am also working on some paintings for a new fabricline and if the company accepts them, then we can all work with some really fun fabric!
      I am going to sew with girlfriends in Tahoe this week and so stay tuned to the quilts I make with fabric from three of my favorite companies!
     Also please check out my other blog -Mary Lou and Cherries Too later tonight for a nice story about a woman from Afganistan I met at the airport....
Always like to keep this in mind for someone who needs an uplifting something...you have the power in your smile and a nice little compliment of some kind. Isn't it nice to know that you have power anytime you want to uplift someone or change a situation for the better!
Richmond Virginia or ANYWHERE in Virginia....I have taught in West Virginia and drove through Virginia but never taught there...Isn't there someone there that would like to learn easy piecing, design and/ or story quilts? I would love to teach in Virginia and go back to Vermont and Boston before I retire-can you help me?
Dress quilt by my friend Susan Typpi
A FABULOUS and creative lampshade by Susan Typpi's friend Liz- LOVE THIS!
Laura's poem quilt (she is one of the Bunny Sisters)
This photo is also by Laura. When I get back in town I am going to show you quilts from she and Charlotte the other bunny sister. They have done more story quilts than any of my other students and I usually get to spend five days or more with them once a year creating.  They are creative, fun and will leave a great legacy of their lives in story quilts. Fun for us all.
I will be showing you some new photos I have gotten from other girls as well.
If you haven't taken a story quilt class, you should. They are so much fun and really if you were ever a kid, you too can tell the world about you!
Have a great week, friend.


  1. Love that first drawings! Looking forward to seeing the book! I love your style!
    PS: it would be helpful if you'd take off that darn verification thing.

  2. I love your attitude and glad that the bad apples in this world, don't get you down. I just love your little witch, she is so cute and fun and makes me smile.


  3. Your grandchildren are very talented...got to love the chicken on the head! Is it a hat or a chicken just tired of flying? So many possibilities....

  4. Very fun post!!! I love your fun girly drawing!!! And I love the pink haired girl with the chicken on her head!!! Your GD is already very creative!!! Love it!!! Thanks for the fun!!!

  5. I'm glad to hear that Lance was able to come and visit from Mozambique, I'm hoping this means he is well on the road to recovery.

    The other day I saw a photo that I took that someone had put up on Pinterest without asking my permission. I don't know why people feel that they can copy your photo, she did credit me but it was weird stumbling across it.

    I look forward to seeing your colouring book, put me on the list to order one please.

    Love your granddaughters' versions of your witch!

  6. Thanks for the great recipe...can't wait to try it out on one of these cooler evenings. love the new drawings....will definitely buy a book on drawings. Our grandgirls do some very fun drawings on their own too.

  7. Oh my gosh, love the drawing with the chicken on her head. That could be me. Fantastic drawing.

  8. I can't wait for the drawing book. The witch at the top is great. I wonder what my inner witch would look like. If I can ever finish some projects, maybe I can find out.