Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Market Brings New Story Quilts, Ideas, Whimsy, Charm and Color!

I wanted to start with my witch quilt because it is so perfect for Halloween
I am not sure who did this quilt but I love it...color, style and composition....great!
Bodi Gardner is one of my favorite story quilt designers! Wish we lived closer...she lives in Denmark!
This is Ceceile from "Just My Imagination" button company. The little sheep she is holding is going to travel the world with different designers...I am going to make one and take her with me to the places I will be traveling this year. So for sure she will be by a flower in West Virginia, by something great in Chicago area and in DesMoines in the Fall...I need to look at my calendar for other places. OR maybe this little sheep needs to be a COW! How fun would that be?
 Please buy buttons from her and also Teresa's Hillcreeak buttons. Teresa is going through a really rough patch in her life and she is such a wonderful person with a great product!
I LOVE anything with crosses and this inspires me for a quilt for my entry hall....
How about this for an inspiring painted quilt? Speaking of painted quilts...I am planning on drawing on muslin and doing some story quilts for a painting workshop I will give next year in California. If you are interested in my style of story quilt, make plans to book a workshop and I will bring muslin stories with me for the class to choose from. These quilts are fun and they are super to embellish and put your names in.
Here is Victoria from NY doing a book signing at Martingale's booth...she is very pretty, very tall and very thin....
This was one of my most favorite quilts...a story quilt with actual dress, gloves and hat! Oh the story this told and the ones I could have told with my Mom's and Grandma's dress's.
A whimsical story quilt...isn't this wonderful and happy???
I did a painting many years ago that had my Grandmother holding a pie on her porch....I sold it and wish I had it...this quilt reminded me of my painting...I love it!
So, when I slept in a bit or maybe I went back to the room to get something, I can't exactly remember, I was going back to the Houston Convention center and these two girls were ahead of I am not sure but they don't look much like the quilters I know......
How is this for a wonderful quilt???

I thought this tree was quite wonderful because it wasn't about the tree as much as the background...
This quilt from Iowa is a Van Gogh Cow for the cow parade...isn't she wonderful? The border is just awesome as are the flowers and I LOVE her face!
Are you thinking about doing a cow? PLEASE do!
Sunflowers go well next to the cow!
How long do you think it took this person from France to make this?
Mel and I had a lot of fun at Market and I am preparing a new Hoochy book since mine are now sold out. I will be adding alot of new ideas and new quilts and hopefully many new friends will learn the charm and sheer delight in making these quilts!


  1. I have always loved your witch quilt and the saying is perfect. You always find the most wonderful quilts to showcase, I do love the painted piece and something I would love to try.


  2. Maybe the "not quite quilters" are dressed up for Halloween? (one could hope). Once again, thanks for sharing all of these wonderful treasures.

  3. Please let me know when they are ready and I will sell them in my shop! Thanks for sharing the market pics!

    Cheery wave from

  4. WOW!!! All of these are wonderful!!! Love the witch at the top!!!! I love love all of the cows!!! Lots of inspiration!!!! Thanks so Much!!!

  5. Such a wonderful post, Mary Lou! Bodil is one of my favorites too. I was so lucky to get to know both her and her husband back in 2008 when she was teaching a class at a retreat of which I was the chair women. I wanted to be in her class so badly, but it was not in the cards that weekend.

  6. Oooh... such great photos! Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

    Love your witch - great way to celebrate Halloween! The cow quilt is great - have to get started on mine.

    Love the hexagon flower garden - how pretty!

    Those amazing leaves from France? Oh my... years would be my guess.

    Hope you had a great time at Quilt Market!

  7. You are one busy lady!
    How fun to see my friend Victoria in your post :0). Yeah she is thin, tall and beautiful, also generous, smart and so much fun to travel with :0).
    Safe travels and Happy Sewing

  8. hello hello... did i read you are going to be in chicago for something great... woo hoo.. i need to meet up with you if you have time
    so what is the date you will be thru... and i cant wait to see your "sheep cow"
    have a great week ...

  9. ROFL! Mary lou... I am only getting around to catching up on blogs...after all our fun emails, i am sorry that we never had sit down coffee talk at market! You breezed by so quick! Looking forward to catching up one day...perhaps at he MN quilt show...? Happy New Year!