Saturday, November 3, 2012

Visiting Museums adds so much to our invention and our fun!

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for sale...who would've thought? Go to Houston...
Mel and I took the day Thursday before Market to see this Museum....wonderful stuff!

South American things....
Hallway boasted bright colored lights that changed with the time...very fun
There was a good screen that had all kind of images that changed if you sat there and watched....very cool

I was amazed that this famous painting was in beautiful in person! It is called "The Peaceable Kingdom".
Here is a real jacket and below is the painting of a boy in this was lovely to see them together!
Look at the beautiful face of this boy....loved it
Something a little modern since so many quilters are into Modern....
I love Picasso whom I studied back in art school and I really love the folk artist below who I have a movie of and can't recall his name now...senioritis...
Loved the angled lines of this guy cool! And the LIGHT and shading...something that quilters need to learn to see and how to do....
Loved the femininity of this pretty lady...great colors and grayed reflection too
Jacob Lawrence was my favorite painter when I was in school...I still love his work!
Loved the looks of this pretty painting that looked so French to me.,...
We used to skate on ice when I was little and take our cleds out fun
If you have spent any real time in Canada then you know about uncles and Grandparents used to play is becoming more popular in the States...
Loved this sculture of a painter...reminded me of my Dad
And I am ending with a painting of my favorite color- cheddar in many shades....a great color to use with any blue, any turuoise and any purple for the perfect compliment! Haven't tried it? You should....ask the majority of my students. Once you take that class on color and fabric, you will never see fabric the same way again. It is fun teaching the secrets!    :0)
    I sincerely hope that these things from the Art Museum give you some ideas and inspirations for invention. After all, if you aren't inventing then you are just doing the same thing you have already done. :0)
Invention and trying new things helps our artist come and out and discover how clever she really is! It is so much fun!


  1. I haven't been to museum in ages, good activity for the upcoming winter.
    I see a lot of people using cheddar now, goes with everything and really does make a stunning contrast.


  2. looks like you saw some beautiful art. i love museums and they usually have the best food! am I right?
    Kim in VA

  3. Thank you, Mary Lou, for the artful inspiration. It's good to remember to look back in history to learn from the masters. We can mess around with fabric all we want, but if we don't understand art, we can't make art. Is that too high-falutin? Didn't mean it to be.