Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cleaning out, Needle Holders from Dear Friends, New Workshops and November

So now that I have some time at home, I am cleaning out cupboards and drawers. I cleaned out my can cupboards this week and was sad to see how many outdated cans were in there. Now everything is clean and sorted and I love opening up the cupboard.
Next, I dumped out two dresser drawers on my livingroom floor to sort through my jewelry. I don't have naything worth much but I do have alot of colorful plastic and fun stuff that I wear on the road.
I loved these two colorful bracelets as they remind me of Africa or Mexico...
I have quite a selection of silk bracelets because the colors are so pretty. I also have a good selection on polka dot bracelets because they are always fun!
 Look at this mess! Boxes and holders of all kinds waiting to be sorted....
 Necklaces and pins and bracelets are all excited to be sorted and put where they can be found easily....
I wanted to show you one of my nicest gifts. My friend Sue Cresse who I often talk about (she got into a car accident that rolled the car five times) does wonderful work. She is healing and it is harder for her but she always does quilts and projects that are fabulous. Here she made each friend in a group we belong to, one of these beautiful needle holders. I keep mine in a drawer by my sewing machine and I pull it out often to just look at it and think of Sue and her friend De who was alos in the accident and now has cancer. I pray for both of them that everything will be keen with them and we can have many many more fun times.
By the way, Sue has done two wonderful COW quilts for shows next year and one of them won her a beautiful ribbon. Now she is working on another too!
I wanted to just post this photo because I cannot find the ones I need. I am working on a house workshop. I have been doing some really cool things with houses and want to show you how you can make neighborhood quilts that are one of a kind and awesome. I have some handouts for architecture and some ideas of fabrics that are TODAY for making cool quilts. Hope I meet you in one of these workshops!
My Mom and Dad were born on the same day and I have been thinking of  how much they influenced me and how much I miss them. November is such a lovely month.
Just a little reminder this Thanksgiving month, if you see someone with no smile, share yours. People seem to share less and less and it is a blessing when you give or do anything for someone else. Let's make this November a really special one.


  1. I start to clean out drawers and then I get overwhelmed and give up, lol.
    When I was in sunday school they taught us about the difference a smile can make and I would walk down the sidewalk and smile at people and it really does make a difference. I still do it when I am shopping or out, sometimes it can make a person step a little lighter after they receive a smile:)


  2. I just watched the Remembrance Day celebrations here in Vancouver, it is interesting that often the day is grey and wet after a lovely day yesterday.

    Let's be thankful and remember all those we have lost making sure we have freedom in our countries, least we forget.

    Be thankful for those who have server, are serving and will serve to protect us all..

  3. Wow! What great pictures of your jewelry! They are so happy looking - they made me smile :)

    November is the month for gratefulness. Your thankfulness message at the top of your other blog (Mary Lou and Cherries Too) taught me a lot during this past year. It's important to be grateful and to thank God every day for His many blessings. Who said that? Mariano Rivera - the pitcher for the Yankees. While he may have wealth and celebrity now, he always thanks God during his interviews. He is a humble man.

    Today we should be grateful to all our veterans who preserved our freedom for us.