Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day and "stuff"

Here is the soldier I loved....My Dad who served in WWII and had a nervous breakdown during the war so had an honorable discharge. He was plagued the rest of his life with fears and sad memories but he was a good Father, a Good husband and an amazing artist who loved reading of places far away and of beauty and honor.
I miss him and I think of him during this weekend and last week on Nov. 9th when it was his birthday and my Mom's-they were born on the same day. :0)
   I appreciate every man and woman who serve for us so that we may have peace and live safely. I also appreciate the families of those who serve us. Thank you all.

LOOK at this-warning, get some kleenex

We have had some pretty cool blocks in my swap group and I wanted to share this owl. A couple of years ago we swapped owls and this owl swap was a huge success...I am not sure whose owl this one was but it sure is cute!
Owls seem like a good idea this time of year....
Stay tuned as I plan to give the pattern in the new Hoochy Book I am working on....


  1. My dad and mom are gone too, but I still miss them. I think a lot of men in WWII were traumatized, but it wasn't something they mentioned then. Love the owls, have been seeing a lot of creations with them, lately.


  2. LOVE the owls! Will be excited to have a new book from YOU!
    So neat that you can watch your grandson play hockey! I am trying to learn the rules. I like to watch hockey on TV.

  3. My Dad was in WWII also, but he didn't like to talk about what he did during the war. Although he was behind the lines, he said real soldiers don't brag about what they did. Thank you for sharing the video of all the soldiers and their portraits. I sent it on to several friends with a warning to get their hankies ready.

    The owls are a real hoot! How cute they will be in their Hooooochy blocks!!