Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mary Lou's Pacific Grove Quilt

We;;. I finally am done and ready to give this quilt to my see I quilt by check. I started this a long time ago when I wanted to tell a story about the best things I like about Pacific Grove California where Asilomar is. I put on the best restaurants in town and things that are wonderful about it. I have gone for 17 years and most of those were twice a year. On this quilt I have a house marked that says "My Lotto House" because I believe that someday when I win the lottos I can move there and just sit and sew and enjoy everything about a town that I love called Pacific Grove. This now has three borders on has lots of details and color and once I have the photographer take a photo of it, I will share it here.

NOTE- I have photos from five people I want to share on my blogs. I have been so busy and kind of preoccupied with my husband who is ill that I haven't taken the time to look up the images I want to share...I have not forgotten about you and your lovely quilts. This was just easy to post because it was on my floor and quick to load.
I am jazzed about classes I will be teaching this year and I am hoping to get back to the Midwest and South more in the coming year.


  1. Thank you, Mary Lou, for sharing the pretty Pacific Grove quilt! It looks like a wonderful place to live!!

    I particularly like the quilts on the clotheslines linking the houses. What a cute idea! Embroidering the names of the houses and the special items really makes it fun!

  2. Really love all of the details and fun fabrics, that you used. I can't wait to see it quilted and how she does it. I always get stuck with pieces that have a lot of detail.


  3. I absolutely love it!!!!! The colors are so happy and fun. Must be Kona black background. See, I starting to figure it all out! Now I know what you mean when you say you buy yards and yards of the stuff. It is THE color for backgrounds- makes everything POP!


  4. KIM, you are so right....Kona black makes everything POP and your colors just sing...espcially if you use lightgivers....

  5. What another beautiful quit Mary Lou, we should all be so lucky to have such a great creative mind like yours.

    Can't wait to see what you have coming out with Timeless Treasures.

    I love how black makes colours pop!

  6. Oh my! I have GOT to find my way back to Asilomar this year! The quilt is spectacular and brings to mind so many wonderful places in Pacific Grove. Thank you for sharing it. Hope to see you soon. Donna A.

  7. Mary Lou, I love your new quilt. I'm always excited when you show us a new one. You make that place look so inviting that I'd like to go there. (And I HATE to travel) Thank you for inspiring so many of us to tell our stories through quilting.

  8. I LOVE your PG quilt. In fact, we were married there almost 42 years ago!!! A magical little town.