Wednesday, November 28, 2012

GREAT news, he is cancer Free!

Dear wonderful friends,
Thank you so very sincerely for your prayers, notes and good thoughts to us while we went through Mark's prostate cancer.
We went to the Dr. today and he was pronounced cancer free. He will be checked every three months next year but we feel so thankful and are not borrowing any trouble. He will return to work on January 1st.
He and I were both so happy with the news, we came home and both took a nap. Whew.
I am so thankful for each of you and sincerely want to say "thank you" again. Now I can do a story quilt about this event. I kind of have it pictured in my mind. Want to do us as a couple and some things about us (embroidered) on each side plus our wedding date etc.,  and some things both good and bad that we went through together. :0)
It is going to be a HAPPY quilt.
Thanks again.
Please think about doing a story quilt about your life...I am so happy with my little inventory of my life and having it on quilts for a long time as a diary of my life.
I still have room for my Idaho retreat this coming summer in June and also I am teaching here and there this coming year. Would love to inspire creativity to you and get your inner artist to come out and play.
This Christmas  holiday is going to be delightful for us!


  1. I'm so happy to hear that, Mary Lou. You must be so relieved.

  2. I am happy for both of you and hope that Mark stays cancer free.
    I have to think of some ideas, plan on working on my own quilts this year and art pieces. Would be fun to do one for the kids of something that is special to them.


  3. I'm so glad that episode in your lives is over! I had a very strong feeling that he would be fine. As I told you before, I have quite a few friends that went through this and have been cancer free for many, many years. In fact, they are ALL doing great. I'm so happy that you can relax and get back to normal! Thanking God!

    Cheery (really) wave from Bev

  4. That's such great news!!! Thank you for sharing the good news about your husband - that's wonderful! Prayer certainly works and many, many prayers must have been answered today!

    I'm glad he will have time at home to recuperate and really enjoy the holidays. Christmas will surely be a blessing this year!

  5. Great News Mary Lou and a wonderful picture to caption the news.

    Enjoy the coming Christmas season as we know it will be a very Merry Christmas in your household!

  6. Whew! Thanks to God -- this is the answer to many, many prayers, Mary Lou! Thanks for sharing the great news!

  7. always worth rejoicing when someone gets a clean bill of health!

  8. Oh that's such good news! I'm always happy to hear that people get the "all clear". What a relief.

    What a cute little kid, looks very much like my youngest daughter did but she had curly hair. :)