Monday, November 19, 2012

Professional Photos are Always Better than mine.....Please do a Story Quilt

Well, I had put it off but today I finally got some professional photos of three of my quilts and that is always so much fun! Love being able to see them from a distance and see how the color and stories play on each other. I am quite happy that I am leaving a legacy of my life and things I have seen, places I have been and people I know.
Here is a closeup of the Sante Fe quilt. I want to redo one window that has my friend Molly in it. A Desk collapsed while she was working and it had a huge armoir with lots of Mexican pots and I thought she was probably dead from the sounds of it. The images don't make it that clear and so I want her arm in there and some words.
When I have gone the last couple of times to Sante Fe, Molly has met me there and we have worked on quilts and gone and seen artwork and enjoyed the wonderful food that is so delicious there. people are friendly and the colors are wonderful. Since I am such a color junky, I just get so excited about working on things there. Thankfully, a darling girl named Holly sent me a box of milagros and other things to sew on this quilt. I am hooked and now am doing a day of the dead quilt. My friend Candy Woods sent me some of here leftovers from her quilt...such fun!
Here is my Pacific Grove quilt. I adore Pacific Grove and I have a house on the quilt that says "lotto" house because it is my dream to win the money to buy a home there.
Everything in Pacific Grove is lovely and wonderful...the people, the flowers and plants, the ocean, the restaurants, the smells and of coarse Asilomar (Empty Spools) where I teach every year. It is right on the ocean and in my mind, EVERY quilter should go there at least once. It is heaven for quilters as they get five days with one instructor, nighttime programs with at least 10 different teachers so you can see what they do, a built in quilt shop on site (Fabric Patch -Layfayette,CA), a courtesy van that takes you into downtown and drops you off and picks you up so you can go to shop, dinner or walk the beautiful streets and see the architexture. The other cool thing is they will take you on 17 mile drive (Pebble Beach) and then into Carmel by the Sea to shop and see how beautiful it is. It is wonderful there and as for me, the place has gotten into my soul. It is the perfect place to be creative and meet fabulous new friends from all over. I get giddy every year when I go there. I keep remembering new things to add to this quilt as in names of people and places to visit.
Hope you also enjoy going there and if you haven't been there, you plan on going. They have a website ""
Many years ago the Methodists came there and founded Pacific Grove...then the Episcopalians came and beat them in building the first church. The FishWife is a well known restarant within walking distance of your classes and it is delicious food. You get all of your meals included but I usually sneak out once or twice for a nice dinner in one of the many restaurants. Peppers (see the right hand door?) is a Mexican Restaurant that is delicious and across from one of my favorite shops and around the corner from Back Porch (quilt shop).
On another note,  I did want to mention that my husband is having cancer surgery tomorrow morning at 8:30. We would welcome prayers and good wishes our way. We are hoping he will get to come home on Thanksgiving. That would be a very nice thing for our family. I bought a couple of  turkeyTV dinners to have one hand for when I get home.
I am hoping you have many things to be thankful for this year.
I am thankful that you came to see my quilts and read what I have to share.
I hope for you, that you have many new blessings this year and in the year to come. Remember to count them and they grow.
Thank YOU


  1. Your quilts always make me smile and I want to send prayers and blessings for your husband and I hope his surgery goes well and he will be able to come home soon.


  2. Hi!!! Beautiful quilt!!! Beautiful colors!!! Wonderful story!!! Sending prayers for you and your husband. I hope he gets to come home on Thanksgiving.

  3. Praying for you and your husband!!

  4. I will be praying for your husband, and for his doctors, and for your peace of mind. I am swooning over your Santa Fe quilt. We lived in NM when my oldest two kids were little. We took them all back to NM for spring break last year, and they all were instantly in love with the area. I hope I can find time to make a NM quilt.

  5. Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilts with us today! I am grateful for you and your talent and that you share it with so many people. They make us happy too!

    My prayers go to you and your husband today as he begins his journey. All good wishes to you both that you have Thanksgiving together at home again this year. Okay, turkey tv dinners, but you will be home together in love.

  6. I love New Mexico and Pacific Grove, one time soon I'll get to the Asilomar retreat and join you for a meal at The Fish Wife. I enjoy their food. Great colours and sparkles on your quilt, I need to make a New Mexico and Arizona quilt soon.

    I'm hoping all went well with your husband's surgery and that he is home to celebrate Thanksgiving with you soon.

  7. I sure hope your hubby becomes free of that damned cancer. And comes home to you. I know he wants it as bad as you do.
    We went thru that, and have had 7 years free of that "D C".
    We live in Santa Cruz, 40 minutes North of Pacific Grove.
    When are you next in our area. Would love for you to come to our Guild. Can we piggy back either before or after your class? Always enjoy your work. One of my lotto wishes is to take a class of yours at asilomar.