Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Advice from a silly not me.....

 Wake up in a happy mooo-d.

 Don't cry over spilled milk.

When chewing your cud, remember: There's no fat, no
calories, no cholesterol, and no taste!

The grass is green on the other side of the fence.

Turn the udder cheek and mooo-ve on.

Seize every opportunity and milk it for all its worth!

It's better to be seen and not herd.

Honor thy fodder and thy mother and all your udder

Never take any bull from anybody.

Always let them know who's bossy.

Stepping on cowpies brings good luck.

Black and white is always an appropriate fashion

Don't forget to cow-nt your blessings every day.


  1. Very cute! Going to have to share that one!!

  2. Love it! Love it! Love it!
    I now have the book! I just need to find the time to make a cow or two or three....
    Hugs, Deborah

  3. Thats one wise cow - thanks for bringing a smile to my face although it is quickly dissappearing again as I am having trouble posting this comment.
    Maree from New Zealand

  4. WOW! love all the very clever. everyone is different. love your much fun to visit. Holly