Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mari Linfesty Makes a Herd and Karen Grabowski creates color and hoochy fun!

Karen Grabowski did this darling hoochy "Flower "power" quilt and isn't the color in the border dramatic? Karen is a quiet girl who doesn't say much and then you look at what she is doing and you are amazed! Mari Linfesty sent me this wonderful photo to share with you, They sat together at the Post Falls Mary Lou retreat.
Long ago when I was working on cows and thinking about how they should be hoochy pieced, I sent the instructions to Mari Linfesty and asked her to add some bells. She did two and send me the photos and then the blocks. She is very creative and I think a whole cow herd could be quite happy! Just think every quilter should do a cow from the book because they are so quick and so much fun! The eyes add lots too! Thanks Mari!


  1. What a fun flower power quilt and the cows are soooooo cute!
    I'm waiting for my book so I can make a cow or 2 or 3! :o)
    Happy Labor Day Weekend!

  2. Fun pieces, love animals in colors and a folk art look.
    I plan on trying some small pieces with photos and ideas from things I do, so will see how mine come out.