Friday, September 9, 2011

Fun at Peggy Baldwin's House! Need to be sparked creatively? Look at the photos....

Peggy's amazing eating much to look at and enjoy!
I have known Peggy Baldwin for many years ever since she took her first workshop from me. Her quilts and my quilts are at the Galveston Historical Building along with some of our other friends and it is fun to see Peggy's whimsy and color sense. This week I stayed at her home and gee whiz I could have done a hundred story quilts based on her things and her adorable Mother who has an interesting history and a darling way about her as does Peggy. I took some photos thinking I might tempt you to come up with some ideas on your own of things to make others (and you) smile in the way of happy quilts. Enjoy Peggy's house as much as I did!
 Peggy loves cats and she loves color and these amazing chandeleers.
Awesome aren't they?
Such a cute idea....
The other thing I want to mention about Peggy is that she is always the first one to offer to work and get things going, together, put away etc. She is organized and fun and her story quilts are wonderful....hope you make it to Galveston before the show closes the end of the month! See my other blog- Mary Lou and Cherries Too
for some photos of the show.
I know Peggy would love some comments and me too!


  1. What a fun collection, someone who loves cats as much as I do, lol.


  2. What a great sense of colour and design. Love all the whimsical touches.

    That print of the nuns and the snowman is adorable. It looks like the caption is "To everything there is a season."

    I'm not a cat person but she could almost convert me!

  3. Peggy has a wonderful home. And, those chandeliers are amazing!

  4. What a fun and whimsy home to be inspired!! No wonder she can make all those cute quilts. The cat clocks I love!

  5. What a fun collection of whimsy! My house would be full of it if I didn't have a husband who keeps me in check!

  6. Love the bright and cheerful decorating. Definitely Out Of The Box.
    There's no such thing as too much color, right?
    Vicky F

  7. The inside of Peggy's house looks like she lives inside a story quilt! How fun she is!