Friday, September 23, 2011

Roxanne's, A Wish and A Dream.-Carpenteria opens a new quilt shop!

Many of you remember going to the Treasure Hunt quilt shop in Carpenteria California. My friend Roxanne owned it and later on sold it when she thought she wanted to retire. The shop closed at least a year ago and guess who is back? Roxanne! Look at the fabrics....wouldn't this be a fun place to buy fabric??? You bet! Roxanne obvisouly is creative, fun and she knows what to order to get us excited about color and making fun quilts. She does her own style of story quilts so naturally I love her and wish her fabulous success.  When you go to Carpenteria, ask where the good Mexican restaurant is and make a day of it! It is a darling town with lots to see.

Someone is pretty proud of her and who wouldn't be, she is darling, talented and a great friend to many people.


  1. That is a fun store, love the design of the store.


  2. What a cute quilt shop!!
    I wanna go there!

  3. Surely does look like a very fun and creative shop! Now I have another place to add to my "gotta go there" list. :~D

  4. I really really LOVE that cutting table....

  5. Two of my friends and I spent the day in carpinteria yesterday, browsing thru the shops and having lunch. What a treat to go into roxannes ! They were preparing for their grand opening but invited us in to shop. It has been decorated in a charming way. Large selection of fabrics, all arranged beautifully. We will be back many times.